A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small living

The portable tiny home named Ala Köl was made to be towed by an ordinary RV hookup. However, everything else about this house built to combine travel and small living goes beyond typical. From its modern, texture-rich exterior to its interior overflowing with a natural charm, the tiny home experts, Baluchon, nailed this custom build. With this compact dream house, home is wherever you take it!

tiny house baluchon 7 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingDramatic black aluminum siding, large windows, and vertical cedar boards encase this portable house. It was commissioned by a travel-loving couple, Nina and Guillaume, who lovingly named it Ala Köl—after a lake in Kyrgyzstan they had visited. The waterfall-like wrap on the home is reminiscent of how the Terskey Alatau mountains hug the lake’s bright blue waters.

tiny house baluchon 2 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingThanks to an abundance of windows, there is no lack of natural light in this home—a huge difference from traditional RVs. This back wall is almost completely clad in glass, giving the compact layout a more open feel. This also uniquely allows the outside world to become a visual extension of the design. That upper loft looks like the perfect place to enjoy a book and a cup of tea on a rainy day!

tiny house baluchon 3 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingStep inside the glass door at the back and you will find a cheery living room and dining area. It is minimally decorated but still full of intrigue thanks to bright pops of color and texture added by the various linens, wood walls, and rug.

tiny house baluchon 16 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingWhether the couple is craving a romantic dinner for two or planning to have guests join them, their table doesn’t disappoint. A fold-down leaf allows it to be thin and compact for everyday use. However, when the extension is lifted, the table expands to accommodate two extra guests. Additionally, since the table is positioned in front of the sofa, there is no need to store additional dining chairs.

tiny house baluchon 17 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingWhile a full second floor could have been added to the space, the high ceiling ensures that it doesn’t feel cramped or overcrowded. To enhance the effect, sconces and wall art were placed well above where you would see them in a traditional home, which helps draw the gaze upward and gives the illusion of more height.

tiny house baluchon 13 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingTurn to the back of the home and you see the various wood finishes contrasting throughout the interior. The warmth and beauty of heat-treated Pine and solid Spruce give the space a cozy aesthetic that feels rooted in nature. To keep things feeling as warm and cozy as they look, the walls are insulated with natural materials like hemp, cotton, and linen.

tiny house baluchon 1 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingA pop of soft green on the cabinets helps the kitchen feel like its own distinct room in the open layout. It has everything you need to cook up a great meal, including a gas stove with an oven, a sink, a refrigerator, and French walnut countertops. Okay, maybe any countertop would do, but few would look as fabulous as these! French walnut wood is also found in other parts of the home, like the kitchen table and stairs—a repetition that contributes to the overall unified look.

tiny house baluchon 18 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingHideaway storage is a must when you want a kitchen as neat and stylish as this one! No space was wasted with cupboards installed under the stairs and open shelves above the sink. While the cabinets are ideal for storing cooking essentials and hiding away unsightly odds and ends, the open shelves are perfect for drying your favorite mug or growing a few herbs.

tiny house baluchon 4 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingA sliding pocket door leads from the kitchen to this multipurpose room fitted with a sleek stand-up shower and washing machine. Proof that small living doesn’t mean that you have to do without modern-day luxuries!

tiny house baluchon 12 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingThe other side of the bathroom is equipped with a spacious wardrobe to stow away towels, outdoor equipment, and other odds and ends. You can also see the dry toilet that has a stainless steel bucket and chip compartment.

tiny house baluchon 11 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingIn the back of the home, the color scheme shifts to firey red tones— giving the room an aesthetic that differs from the kitchen’s calming green and brown hues. To illuminate all of that goodness, an assortment of pot lights and sconces are used. This gives multiple lighting options while saving precious overhead and table space.

tiny house baluchon 5 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingA storage staircase leads to a cozy bedroom in the loft area. The deep nooks are practical for everything from storing extra linens to tools

tiny house baluchon 14 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingBig or small, a house isn’t a home without a few personal touches. The wood map displayed above the sofa is representative of the couple’s love of travel. It shows all the places they have been, as well as locations where they hope to go with their tiny home on wheels. With a stylish, functional, and portable home like this, the world is your playground!

tiny house baluchon 9 1 - A tiny home on wheels: travel meets small livingWelcome to the loft bedroom! The spruce planked walls, floors, and ceilings with a natural wood finish give the bedroom a fresh and bright look akin to a contemporary cabin. The wall sconces eliminate the need for end tables and allow a spacious bed to fit into the loft. An expansive shelf and wood-trimmed windows are also found in this upper area, making the most out of the shorter walls under the sloped ceiling.