Bundle Beds: A New Way to Sleep Anywhere Without Sacrificing Comfort

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Bundle Beds are a new more sleek and modern spin on the old portable, roll out bed concept. The Bundle Bed conveniently stores everything needed for a comfortable night’s sleep into one compact, easy to carry, water-resistant bundle that rolls out in seconds. Included in the bundle are: a comfortable five centimeter thick self-inflatable mattress, an ultra-soft duvet and pillow, and jersey cotton fitted sheets, duvet cover, and pillowcases (machine washable).


“We’d like to get more people out exploring, whether it be seeing more of the outdoors, partying at a festival, or visiting family and friends. Until now, portable beds have been uncomfortable, bulky or hard to set up. We’ve created a portable, comfortable and convenient solution for a night away in the comfort of your own bed. The Bundle Bed makes having fun with friends and family, getting out and about and seeing new things, easy to do.” says creator, Lucy Bartlett.


James Clark and Lucy Bartlett are the co-founders of Bundle Beds. They are both avid travelers, campers, and often have friends stay over. They set out to create a better portable bed after Lucy fell in love with the swag she slept in while traveling in Australia. She liked how quick and easy it was to set up, but hated the bulk, so with the help of Clark she set out to redesign it. This is how the Bundle Bed was born.

bundle beds 3


Clark and Bartlett have perfected the designs, finalized the materials and chosen a great factory to use for production. To cover the costs of the first production run they have will launch a Kickstarter campaign. Bundle Beds and other unique rewards will be available for pre-order from February 22 to March 23 at a special discounted price. Prices start at £105 for a kid’s size bundle bed and £140 for a adult’s size bundle bed.

Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/1RhwFuP