Cao Pu Studio creates indoor camping space in hostel

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When architect Cao Pu was asked to transform the third floor of a hotel in Beijing into a hostel he decided to create an indoor camping space that not only offers weary travelers a bed to sleep but also a place where they can socialize.

together-hostel-by-cao-puo-studio-1  Cao Pu wanted to recreate the atmosphere from a music festival with “tents” scattered around the area and a variety of activities. He named the space “Together,” because he hopes that guests are going to mix and use the facilities together.

together-hostel-by-cao-puo-studio-2  The architect wanted an open space rather than a series of closed rooms so walls were torn down and tent like structures were set up. A huge tent serves as a public space where people can have meals and beverages, read, chat, play, share or even host their own activities.

xiaofangzi1   The smaller tents are for sleeping. Every four or five tents are grouped together and has a single exit.




together-hostel-by-cao-puo-studio-7  The specially customized modular tables can be stacked to save space

together-hostel-by-cao-puo-studio-10  You are even allowed to park your bicycle inside the hostel.

together-hostel-by-cao-puo-studio-12  A small theater can be used for activities or as a camping spot for backpackers.

together-hostel-by-cao-puo-studio-17  together-hostel-by-cao-puo-studio-18  Photo: Zhang Zheming