Danish blogger decluttered and revamped her bedroom by turning 10 Ikea chests of drawers into a bed with ample storage

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The Danish stylist Malene Marie Møller, who blogs on Boligcious.com, has a small bedroom with sloping walls, so her bed and its big headboard could only fit in one corner. That meant that she had to climb over her boyfriend to get out of bed: not very practical.

So Malene Marie Møller decided to build her own bed equipped with lots of storage. By doing so, she got rid of the other pieces of furniture in the bedroom and made the room more light and airy.


 The bedroom before the makeover

makeover-bedroom-3 (1)

Malene Marie Møller had a vision of making a delicious fabric-covered headboard; but alas, there was no room for it because of the sloping wall. Undeterred, she instead chose to paint the lower part of the wall a dark gray: or rather, she let her daughter paint the wall. Child labor can sometimes be a good idea.

makeover-bedroom-4 (1)

She bought 10 (yes, 10!) white Malm chests of two drawers from Ikea (price for each: $49.99) and assembled them. This part of the project was not so fun. The bed frame consists of the 10 white Malm chests of drawers, and the bed base is three MDF plates (160 cm x 60 cm). Between each plate there is a 10-cm/3.94-inch space, so there is room for a bit of air circulation. The bed base is screwed directly into the top of the chests. If you want to copy this idea, be sure to get the right-sized screws. Measure the width of the MDF plates and the top of the chests of drawers and choose screws that are slightly smaller, so the screws do not go all the way through the top of the chests.

makeover-bedroom-5 (1)The large cavity under the bed between the chests is great for storage. There is room for 2 x 3 bed rollers stacked on top of each other. You can access them from the foot of the bed. The Danish stylist ordered a white laminated plate that measured the bed width and height to give the end of the bed a nice finish and to hide the storage space.


And the amazing end result



Her boyfriend did not need a nightstand, just a place for his book, so the copper hanger from HAY is perfect for this. It even functions as a bookmark.


Malene Marie Møller, on the other hand, needed a bit more storage, so her bedside table is a simple barstool.


The creative stylist made the lamp herself using porcelain lampshades from the Danish company House Doctor and yellow fabric cables. Malene Marie Møller blogs together with Maria Fynsk Norup on Boligcious.dk. Why not stop by and say “Hej”? (That is Danish for “Hi”, but you probably guessed that.)