Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideas

Do you want a clutter free kitchen? Need more counter or cabinet space? Here are ten great ideas that will help you achieve just that.

Ventu Limbo - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideasColander + serving bowl ($20.00). Ventu is a multi-purpose bowl that allows you to prep, strain, serve, and store—all in one elegant solution. Use it as a colander to remove excess water from pasta, salad greens, fruit, and more. To switch from its straining function to serving is easy: just pop its silicon-sealed base onto the bottom, and save yourself from washing extra dishes.

Forminimal Utensil Holder White2 - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideasForminimal Utensil Holder White. ($48.00). Looking to de-clutter your kitchen counters? Then this utensil holder from Black+Blum may just be the space-saving solution for you. Display and organize your utensils, and safely stow your knives all in one beautifully crafted stand. Best of all, the included bamboo cutting board slips in and out of the stand easily for when it’s time to get chopping.

Expandable Dish Rack - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideas

Expandable Dish Rack. ($55.00). This dish rack expands to almost twice its size when needed, making it a versatile, space-saving kitchen helper. In the collapsed position, it’s perfect for dishes-for-two, or to tuck away out of sight. Extended, it can tackle the washing-up from a larger party with its slide-out expansion tray. It features an integrated drain with stopper for later draining, a removable steel rack with cushioned prongs that are gentle on glassware, a moveable cutlery drainer, and non-slip feet to keep everything secure as it dries. It’s a perfect fit for small kitchens that call for space-conscious countertop accouterments.

The Sous Chef Prep Station - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideas

The Sous Chef Prep Station ($199.95). This is the space-saving station that brings to home kitchens the same efficiencies that keep professionals organized. Designed by a chef with 20 years of experience cooking at restaurants worldwide, it combines a cutting board, a garbage chute, and built-in containers for holding prepped ingredients. The station features a sturdy, anti-bacterial bamboo board for slicing and dicing, and six slide-in/slide-out plastic containers around the sides and underneath to hold prepped foods before cooking.

Kitchen Tower Organizer - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideasKitchen Tower Organizer ($79). Organize your kitchen space with this steel shelf. With plenty of room underneath for storing appliances, use the top shelf for dishes, mugs and more.

Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideasKitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder ($60.00). Myles and Heather Geyman’s modern cookbook stand puts your go-to gastronomical guide out of harm’s way while keeping your low-fi kitchen tools at an arm’s reach. With a convenient notch specially designed to fit your tablet, the holder keeps the screen in view and your counter clutter-free. The artist slip cast the dock/holder from white stoneware that is finished with a subtle speckled glaze.

joseph nest storage - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideasJoseph Joseph 12-Piece Nest Compact Storage Container Set ($34.95). This innovative, space-saving design neatly combines the bases and lids for six sizes of storage container in the same space as one. The problem with most sets of storage containers is that they take up precious cupboard space when not in use and usually require lids and bases to be stored separately. This can make pairing the corresponding elements a real hassle. With the Nest Compact Storage Container Set, bases nest neatly inside each other and lids snap conveniently together making them very easy to find.

Cook N Home 2 Tier Corner Storage Shelf Stainless Steel - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideasCook N Home 2-Tier Corner Storage Shelf, Stainless Steel ($25.92). Clever little corner shelf that saves storage space in the kitchen.

Stoneware 3 Tiered Hanging Baskets - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideasStoneware 3 Tiered Hanging Baskets ($86.00). A three-tiered storage solution with handcrafted appeal, Jeanette Zeis’ handmade stoneware sculpture keeps fruit and veggies looking and tasting fresh. A lovely swirl pattern gives each bowl an air of understated elegance and provides ample grip for cleaning.

YouCopia StoraStack Food Container Storage Organizer 1500x1107 - Declutter your kitchen with these 10 space-saving ideasFood Container Storage Organizer, Drawer Solution ($19.99). The StoraStack® is a clever solution for organizing food containers and matching lids in your kitchen drawer. Two clip dispensers can be positioned as needed to hold two stacks of containers in place. Individual dividers keep lids upright so everything stays tidy and easy to find.

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