Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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We probably don’t tell our significant others enough how much we love or cherish them. But once every year, we set aside February 14 – Valentine’s Day – and spend time trying to find the perfect gift to show that we do. Sometimes, it’s harder than it sounds!

That time is rolling around again, and if you’re not sure how to show your love in the perfect way, then read on. Below, we’ve curated eight excellent options from UncommonGoods, an online store that boasts a strong ethical profile and products from talented artists and designers around the world. You can feel good about buying a gift while also feeling good about presenting it to your significant other!

The Kissing Mugs - Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day The Kissing Mugs ($65.00). Many couples cherish those weekend lie-ins where you share cups of coffee in bed and go over the week’s events. If that’s your idea of a good time, then these kissing mugs made in Asheville, North Carolina, might be to your liking.

Separately, these porcelain mugs are special and unique, but when they are joined, they are magical. Their edges form lips that pair seamlessly with each other, while their handles form the shape of a heart. The beauty of these mugs, too, is that you can cheekily ask for a refill while knowing your significant other can’t say no to such a romantic gesture.

Hummingbird Bookends - Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day Hummingbird Bookends ($65.00). The book lover in your life will know you’ve taken notice when they unwrap these hummingbird bookends from designer Brian Segars. Not only do they let your loved one know you appreciate their love of books, but they also show that you’ve thought long and hard about quality, hand-crafted gifts. This bookend set is made with carbon steel in Kentucky.

Pantone Storage Stool - Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day Pantone Storage Stool ($80.00). The graphic designer, home stager, or colour connoisseur in your life is going to adore this Pantone storage stool that’s made in New York. Not only does it allow your loved one to see that you recognise their passions, but it’s also a functional furniture piece that’s both unique and versatile, as well.

It’s available in five shades (sorry, not the 1,867 hues in the Pantone Matching System), and it arrives flat-packed. You don’t require any tools for assembly, and, once put together, it will hold up to 200 pounds. Any creative partner, wife, or husband, is bound to adore this unique piece of furniture.

Pottery Birdhouse - Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day Pottery Birdhouse ($28.00). The nature and bird lover in your life will be more than impressed when they unwrap this beautifully crafted pottery birdhouse on Valentine’s Day. Crafted by ceramicist Erik Hertz in Melbourne Beach, Florida, it’s a unique piece that’s bound to attract your attention.

While most bird boxes are square, this rounded version blends in with the natural surroundings of the trees. It also has a small opening to encourage smaller birdlife. The mottled, colourful glazes are bound to appeal to both you and your recipient.

Terrarium Candle - Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day Terrarium Candle ($25.00). Men don’t always know what to buy their wives, girlfriends, and partners, and it might not seem appropriate to ask. If you’re in a bit of a pickle, and Valentine’s Day is looming, then you can’t go wrong these terrarium candles that are made in Vancouver, Canada.

They are a hand-poured miniature soy wax cactus and poppy candle lovingly crafted by Zoe Tang. From the intense detailing that makes you believe they are real succulents, to the delightful scent that stirs your senses, what’s not to love? The cactus candle is of a lovely pine and vanilla fragrance, while the poppy candle is jasmine and white tea.

The Alphabet Vase - Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day The Alphabet Vase ($40.00 – $45.00 per letter). Versatility and practicality are on the rise, and not everyone is going to see a traditional heart-shaped box of roses as such. Surprise your loved one, and astound them, with these clean, elegant, alphabet vases from NYC-based industrial designer Tracy Llewellyn.

Spell out the words of your choice, and only buy the letters you need. Each vase is of a simplistic, clean, white porcelain which incorporates contemporary elegance and functionality into your home. Fill them with flowers, leave them as they are, or use them for pens, pencils, or anything else. Elegant and fun, your significant other is bound to enjoy receiving these as a gift.

Valentine Hot Chocolate on a Stick - Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day Valentine Hot Chocolate on a Stick ($15.00). The age-old tradition of gifting chocolate on Valentine’s Day is not dead in the water yet, but you can change it up with this Valentine Hot Chocolate on a stick by California’s Tyler Geertsen. Choose from French Dark Truffle or Belgian Milk Chocolate, and put each single-serve stick into milk or water to enjoy. The candy hearts on top are further proof that you’ve nailed gift-giving this year – showing your loved one just how romantic you can be.

The Love Lamp - Eight Brilliant Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day The Love Lamp ($85.00). Share the love and show your significant other how much they mean to you with this Love Lamp from Huntsville, Alabama. With a beautiful cedar base, LED lamp, and heart-shaped lighting component in the bulb, there is plenty to love. What’s more, this gift will be versatile for any setting. Your loved one can display it on their desk, bedside cabinet, or anywhere they want to be reminded of the connection you have.