First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023

It’s out with the old and in with the new, and IKEA is at the forefront, giving homeowners a chance to decorate their homes for spring and summer ahead.

Whether you’re transforming your home for the warmer weather or are in the throes of a spring clean with organization on your mind, you’ll find what you need in IKEA’s new 2023 Spring/Summer Collection.

enlarge raeffelbjoerk vase mother of pearl color  1168200 pe891824 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 RÄFFELBJÖRK Vase ($29.99)

Designer Lisa Hilland has pulled one out of the bag with this gorgeous RÄFFELBJÖRK vase. Lisa took inspiration from rainbows to create a mother-of-pearl-colored vase that can function as a storage solution for flowers or a captivating glass sculpture.

Its playful shape makes it suitable for classic and modern homes, and it stands out with its shimmering finish and distinctive grooves. Leave it empty or add your favorite posy; the choice is yours.

enlarge vattenkar laptop monitor stand birch  1150515 pe884617 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 VATTENKAR Laptop/Monitor Stand ($32.99)

Working at a laptop or looking at a computer screen can wreak havoc on your body. This VATTENKAR laptop/monitor stand might take care of that problem.

Available in a gorgeous and natural birch wood material, it’s a unique, curved stand that can give your computer the added height it needs on your desk.

You can also use it in different ways to suit your needs. Use it as a fixed shelf for storage, or use both sections as two forms of separate support. These stands can also function as bookcase dividers for complete versatility.

enlarge oevning utility cart white gray green  1137261 pe879612 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 ÖVNING Utility Cart ($79.99)

While there is nothing wrong with permanent storage solutions in a home, temporary ones like this ÖVNING utility cart can suit families’ needs even better. This flexible and portable storage solution is a storage cabinet on wheels, enabling you to move it from room to room, wherever needed.

It has plenty of space for stationery, books, arts and crafts supplies, and toys, and is easy to move around on four wheels. This utility cart also boasts a hook, shelves you can mount asymmetrically or aligned, and a robust metal compartment that can open from the left or right.

enlarge oestanoe chair red brown remmarn red brown  1218939 ph190421 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 ÖSTANÖ Chair ($35.00)

These ÖSTANÖ chairs in a gorgeous and warming red-brown color scheme will have you sitting at your dining table in style. Not only do they boast one beautiful color to work in harmony with any home design, but they’re also designed for comfort and ergonomics.

The upholstered seat portion distributes your body weight evenly, reducing pressure on your tailbone. The backrest angle also allows for adequate lumbar support when you need it the most.

Choose a dining set of all the same color, or switch it up with different colors; the choice is yours.

enlarge naemmaroe privacy screen light brown stained indoor outdoor  1187047 ph191308 s5 2 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 NÄMMARÖ Privacy Screen ($76.00)

IKEA has started strong this season by introducing the NÄMMARÖ privacy screen, an indoor-outdoor screen for privacy and aesthetics. This freestanding screen is the ideal addition to any open patio area requiring more intimacy and privacy or even a quaint outdoor seating space where climbing plants would complete the look. You can also use the NÄMMARÖ privacy screen as a room divider when you lack definition in your home.

This unique piece has been pre-treated for protection against stains, wear and tear, sunshine, and rain. It’s also made from durable and renewable acacia to suit any contemporary or classic home.

enlarge bastua led lantern battery operated white  1179752 ph190698 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 BASTUALED Lantern ($24.99)

Add a touch of ambiance and coziness to your living space with this gorgeous white BASTUALED lantern. With soft, diffused light and the natural and clean lines of the light birch and rice paper, you can’t help but feel relaxed with this lantern illuminating your space. This battery-operated lantern also has a solid birch handle making it easy to carry around your home.

enlarge eket storage combination with feet white walnut effect light green  1161441 pe889390 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 EKET Storage Combination ($155.00)

Storage solutions are rarely designed for your unique home, but this EKET storage combination with feet could be. This EKET series piece in white and walnut with a light green effect is all about giving you the freedom to choose your own look.

You can build it big or small or make it colorful or discreet, depending on your unique needs. This piece also has a number of standout features as standard, such as an integrated push-opener, two movable shelves, and adjustable feet.

enlarge havsten loveseat outdoor beige beige  1185547 pe898439 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 HAVSTEN Loveseat ($580.00)

You deserve outdoor furniture that’s just as comfortable as your indoor furniture, and this HAVSTEN loveseat in beige just might be. From the lovely and contemporary style with wing-like arms to the fluffy cushions and elastic mesh fabric, there’s plenty to grab your attention.

The water-repellent cushion covers ensure you’re able to shake off the water after a light rain, while the unique dying process ensures extended color fastness compared to more traditional dyeing techniques. You can also remove the cushion covers for washing.

enlarge hemnes desk with 2 drawers white stain light brown  1176751 pe895135 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 EMNES Desk with 2 Drawers ($269.00)

This stunning desk with a striking white stain combined with a light brown top is a beautiful addition to any home. Its solid wood construction gives you peace of mind that it’s designed to last the distance, while the storage drawers ensure you can keep clutter, like pens, pencils, and paper, out of sight.

As the back is finished, you can also place this desk in the middle of a room, made even easier by the built-in cable management system.

enlarge ikea 365 beverage dispenser bamboo clear glass  1142622 pe881325 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 IKEA 365+ Beverage Dispenser ($34.99)

Say goodbye to plastic bottles at your next party, and hello to this gorgeous four-quart 365+ beverage dispenser from IKEA. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing beverage dispenser for your family’s enjoyment or want to treat your friends to something special at a party, you’ll see that this product is more than suitable.

The stylish glass gives you a transparent view of the beverage inside, be it water with fruit and herbs or something more exciting. It also pairs harmoniously with the bamboo frame and lid, a classic style combination.

This beverage dispenser is of a convenient height to fit in most fridges and is designed to be easy to add liquids and solids like fruit. Pair it with the ÖGONTRÖST stand, and you have a perfect entertainer’s beverage station.

enlarge klinten chair brown kilanda pale blue  1157240 pe887547 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 KLINTEN Chair ($105.00)

Dining chairs don’t have to be hard, wooden seats you don’t want to spend much time sitting on. They can be luxurious, soft, and comfortable upholstered chairs, such as this gorgeous brown and Kilanda pale blue KLINTEN chair from IKEA.

You’ll be happy sitting at your dining table for hours on these chairs, all thanks to the plush seat and back that’s both warm and supportive. These chairs are ideal for use at a dining table or as extra seating in a living room, hallway, or bedroom. The chair covers come in one piece and are secured with hook-and-loop fasteners for easy removal and machine washing.

enlarge kolbjoern cabinet indoor outdoor brown red  1155894 pe886757 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 KOLBJÖRN Cabinet ($149.00)

Whether you lack storage inside or outside your home, this KOLBJÖRN cabinet in a gorgeous and striking red color might be the very solution you need. This powder-coated and galvanized steel cabinet is suitable for balconies, patios, and any room in your house and can work in harmony with KOLBJÖRN shelving to complete the look.

It’s durable thanks to its robust construction materials and is easy to clean. You can also position it on uneven floors since the feet are adjustable. Once your possessions are safely inside, the doors remain closed with a magnetic lock.

enlarge lagkapten mittback desk white anthracite birch  1184941 pe898172 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 LAGKAPTEN / MITTBACK Desk (179.00)

It can sometimes seem like there’s no perfect desk for your needs. The legs might work, but the tabletop doesn’t – or vice versa. This LAGKAPTEN/MITTBACK desk in a striking white anthracite color scheme might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

While you can enjoy a ready-made desk, you can also mix and match the tabletop with your preferred legs to enjoy the look you prefer. The tabletop also comes with pre-drilled holes for easy attachment to an underframe.

enlarge lindasen display shelf anthracite  1148653 pe883803 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 LINDÅSEN Display shelf ($32.99)

Display your prized possessions on this sleek and stylish anthracite LINDÅSEN display shelf. Whether you want to show off your best recipe books in the kitchen, knick-knacks in your living room, or decorative objects in a bedroom, this eye-catching display shelf meets the mark. Its striking black color scheme and contemporary styling ensure that anything you display on it can easily grab your attention.

enlarge manhult chair black hakebo gray green  1156107 pe886909 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 MÅNHULT Chair ($85.00)

Spend many an hour sitting comfortably at your dining table in this MÅNHULT chair with a striking black and Hakebo grey-green color scheme. This gorgeous dining chair has a sturdy metal frame, durable velvet fabric, and a straightforward assembly process.

It offers plenty of support around the lower back area and stands out for its versatility. Use it as a dining chair, extra seating in a living room, or even as an additional chair in your bedroom.

enlarge oemsesidig stool pine  1194259 ph192432 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 ÖMSESIDIG Stool ($49.99)

Whether you need a stool or a side table, you’ll likely find that this unique pine ÖMSESIDIG stool can serve both functions. It’s a slightly lower stool than average to function as a table and features solid pine for strength and aesthetics.

This stunning stool, designed by Liliana Ovalle, has a cut-out section on the short side as a design element and has a striking varying grain pattern and natural colors to help it stand out from the crowd.

enlarge olseroed side table anthracite birch effect dark yellow  1208142 ph191913 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 OLSERÖD Side Table ($39.99)

The OLSERÖD side table is a two-in-one product designed for individuals dining on their sofa who might need to host guests at a moment’s notice. In its side table form, you can slide it in front of you and use the stable tabletop, with enough room for cutlery, a glass, and a plate. This tabletop is also easy to wipe clean when you’re finished.

However, with guests arriving and more space required for coffee cups, it can quickly become a coffee table. Remove the tabletop from under the frame, turn the frame on its side, and fix the tabletop in place again. This gorgeous anthracite and birch effect table also has a washable fabric pouch for the easy storage of remotes and other necessities.

enlarge oskarshamn wing chair tonerud red  1173990 ph184912 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 OSKARSHAMN Wing Chair ($449.00)

Welcome a sense of elegance and sophistication into your home with this Tonerud red OSKARSHAMN wing chair. The timeless design of this chair makes it stand out in any space, while the generous backrest ensures a comfortable seating experience. This chair also has clean lines, a softly rounded design, and wooden legs for a sense of class and character.

Any avid reader will love whiling the hours away in this chair, feeling comfortable with the supportive springs, lumbar support, armrests, and soft foam. You can also pair this OSKARSHAMN wing chair with an OSKARSHAMN footstool.

enlarge palycke clip on basket  1094038 pe863296 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 PÅLYCKE Clip-On Basket ($8.99)

Clear the clutter from your kitchen cupboards with this PÅLYCKE clip-on basket. This hanging basket with mounting clips is designed to fit inside a cabinet or clip underneath one for mugs, jars, or other essentials.

The bendable mounting clips suit a wide range of shelves, while the design ensures tool-free installation in mere seconds. This clip-on basket also boasts a generous depth while still giving you an easy view to the back to see what you’ve stored away.

enlarge pappersbjoerk glass mixed colors  1156919 pe887343 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 PAPPERSBJÖRK Glass ($15.99/4 pack)

We all have standard transparent glasses in our kitchen, but do you dare to be different? PAPPERSBJÖRK gives you this very opportunity with these 10-ounce packs of four mixed-color glasses. The glasses are available in various coordinated colors and are right at home at any party or in a home kitchen.

enlarge persbol armchair black tibbleby beige gray  1174418 ph184756 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 PERSBOL Armchair ($199.99)

Classic spindle armchairs are notoriously uncomfortable, but this PERSBOL spindle armchair is different. It’s a modern take on a timeless classic and solves many of the problems you might have had with past spindle chairs.

It has a thick seat cushion with a foam filling to keep you comfortable for longer and quality wood with an artisanal look that shows off the visible wood grain for a hint of character. You can also remove the seat cushion cover for machine washing.

enlarge pilblixt table lamp white light green glass gold effect metal  1132171 pe878166 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 PILBLIXT Table lamp ($79.99)

This modern yet timeless PILBLIXT table lamp can’t help but be a show-stopper in any home. From the stunning frosted glass paired with gold metal to the warm light and curvature, what’s not to love?

The glass lampshades of this table lamp have been mouth-blown by a skilled craftsperson, ensuring no two lamps are the same. You can also pair this PILBLIXT table lamp with a TRÅDFRI remote control kit for wireless control, changing the lighting from warm to cold or bright to dim.

enlarge sommarlanke led string light with 12 lights battery operated outdoor lantern multicolor  1181745 pe896751 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 SOMMARLÅNKE LED String Light with 12 lights ($21.99)

Add a much-needed sense of ambiance to your outdoor space with this SOMMARLÅNKE LED string light. This battery-operated outdoor lantern comes with 12 multi-colored lights and is suitable for balconies, terraces, and homes. Leave the lights bright for that party vibe, or dim them for more intimacy and coziness. These lights also come with a built-in timer and can remain on for up to six hours at a time.

enlarge svartpeppar plant stand indoor outdoor black  0561758 pe663111 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 SVARTPEPPAR Plant Stand ($4.99)

Plant pots can damage surfaces, especially those with drainage holes that leave water and dirt to gather underneath them. However, this SVARTPEPPAR plant stand solves that problem. These indoor and outdoor black stands are designed to elevate your pot plants and make them show-stoppers in any space.

The pot stands are also designed to hold small and large pots just by flipping the stands upside down.

enlarge tigerfink storage with compartments turquoise  1092585 pe862922 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 TIGERFINK Storage with Compartments ($17.99)

IKEA has made it easier for families to keep their homes tidier this season with the TIGERFINK storage with compartments in a gorgeous turquoise color. This smart and simple storage solution, designed by Johanna Jelinek, is a user-friendly holder for toys that children can take responsibility for.

The handle at the top makes it easy for children to carry it around, while the round holes help them tuck away toys and access them quickly. There are also pockets for tiny treasures, rounded corners for safe storage, and soft polyester fabric – 90 percent of which is recycled.

Parents are also bound to appreciate that the soft mesh around the frame is both removable and washable. A few of these in children’s bedrooms might be all it takes to welcome a sense of order into your home.

enlarge trofast storage combination with boxes white gray blue  1094721 pe863584 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 TROFAST Storage Combination with Boxes ($129.99)

Finding cool storage solutions for a teenager’s bedroom might seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. These TROFAST storage combination units with boxes in a gorgeous white and grey-blue color scheme are ideal for any teen hideaway.

The versatile frames and mesh storage boxes enable you to customize a storage solution to suit your unique needs. You can even use them as seating while keeping all their possessions organized and orderly.

enlarge trones shoe storage cabinet gray green  1164518 pe890595 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 TRONES Shoe Storage Cabinet ($39.99/2 pack)

Spring cleaning has never been easier than it is with this TRONES shoe/storage cabinet in a modern and natural grey-green color scheme. Whether you install it in your bedroom for your favorite shoes or in your hallway for everything you need to leave the house, it’s bound to tick all the right boxes.

These cabinets come with storage on the top and shallow cabinet drawers for gloves, scarves, shoes, and more. The doors are also easy to remove when the time comes to clean inside. These TRONES cabinets are practical on their own but even more so when paired with others.

enlarge tumholmen rocking chair in outdoor white multicolor  1148177 pe883706 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 TUMHOLMEN Rocking Chair ($71.99)

How better to spend summer days than relaxing in a TUMHOLMEN rocking chair? This white and multi-colored rocking chair is designed to enhance your summer experience.

It features a simple design, plenty of vibrant colors, and easy-care textiles for indoor and outdoor use. The high back offers plenty of back support, while the heavy polyester fabric ensures durability where you need it the most. As the cover is removable and machine-washable, you’ll also be surprised by how easy-care this rocking chair is.

enlarge vattenkar desktop shelf white  1150901 pe884689 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 VATTENKAR Desktop Shelf ($19.99)

The VATTENKAR desktop shelf by A-M Nilsson and A Wallgren is a contemporary, elegant, and functional storage solution for the studious family member or remote worker’s desk.

This sleek white desk shelf adjusts into three positions, allowing you to use it against a wall or between two desks. It also boasts screw mounts for easy installation, which have soft surfaces to protect the table from pressure marks and scratches.

enlarge brusen sofa outdoor gray  0898738 pe782608 s5 enlarge - First look at IKEA’s Spring/Summer Collection 2023 BRUSEN Sofa, outdoor, grey ($339.00)

Outdoor furniture can succumb to the elements, which can be frustrating when you feel like you’re wasting your hard-earned money. However, this BRUSEN sofa in a modern grey color scheme won’t provide the same concerns.

It’s made of powder-coated steel, making it durable and easy to care for. It also requires no maintenance and gives you the freedom to customize it how you like with cushions and blankets.