Five Magical Treehouse Getaways

Have you ever felt like you missed the simple life of your childhood? If you ever had any problems, you could escape to your treehouse for a break. Well, as it turns out, you can do that in adulthood, too. Break away from the hustle and bustle of city life with these five magical treehouse getaways.

The Hudnalls Hideout Treehouse

St. Briavels, Gloucestershire, England 

Escape with your significant other to a romantic treehouse in a private woodland of Wye Valley. The Hudnalls Hideout is a couples treehouse nestled in nature on two acres of land, bordering the ancient Hudnalls woodland.

hudnalls hideout tree house 1 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The stylish yet cosy treehouse offers a spacious interior on two levels, with a living area and everything you need for a break away. Warm yourself by the fireplace and keep your feet toasty and warm on the underfloor heating. There is even a fully-equipped kitchen and beautiful bedroom nook to enjoy.

hudnalls hideout tree house 2 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The rustic, cozy, yet contemporary living area features a stunning fireplace, underfloor heating, and large glass doors out to a beautiful verandah area.

hudnalls hideout tree house - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways Rest and relax in the upstairs bedroom loft with views out over two acres of woods.

hudnalls hideout tree house 5 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The combination of rustic charm and contemporary elegance is evident in this treehouse. Learn more here.

The Pinecone Treehouse

Bonny Doon, California, USA

You will have likely never seen anything like The Pinecone Treehouse in Bonny Doon, California, USA. This stunning pinecone-shaped treehouse is suspended 60 feet from the ground on one side and 30 feet on the other.

pinecone treehouse 3 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways Enjoy 360-degree views of the redwood forest, and enjoy a stunning floating hideaway for two. This treehouse offers a comfortable sleeping area and an open-air bathroom via a catwalk bridge. Access to The Pinecone Treehouse is via a step ladder to a trap door, with a harness safety system in place for those who require it.

pinecone treehouse 4 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The bathroom of The Pinecone Treehouse is of an open-air design, accessible via a catwalk bridge.

pinecone treehouse 2 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The sleeping quarters is simple yet cosy, and offers beautiful views of the surrounding forest.

pinecone treehouse 1 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways Who knew that treehouses could have bathrooms and stunning ones at that? Learn more here.

Live Oak Treehouse at Honeytree Farm

Fredericksburg, Texas, United States

This stilted luxury cabin in a cluster of oaks on the Palo Alto Creek is everything a couple needs to break away from city life. Known as The Live Oak, it boasts a reading nook, living space, kitchenette, bedroom, and even a bathroom. Essentially, it’s suitable for everyday living.

tree house honeytree farm - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways Take an outdoor bath in nature, read a book in the comfortable book nook, or cook up a storm in the kitchen with a fridge, freezer, hot plate, and kettle. The bathroom is also worthy of your attention, given that it has a double-headed shower and arched door.

tree house honeytree farm 2 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The light, bright, and spacious interior with strong wood hints consists of a king-size bed, reading nook, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

tree house honeytree farm 3 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The reading nook offers gorgeous views out to nature while also acting as an additional sleeping space.

tree house honeytree farm 4 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The kitchenette has a fridge and freezer, hot plate, kettle, and coffee maker. Everything you need is in one gorgeous treehouse. Book it here.

The Old Oak Treehouse


The Old Oak Treehouse is located on 200 acres of farm and meadowland in Ongar, Essex, and is ready and waiting to take you back to your childhood.

tree house 1 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways It’s built in a 500-year-old oak tree with fairy-lit branches and offers everything you need for a comfortable stay. Relax in the generous living space, cook a romantic supper in the charming kitchen, and gaze out the large window from the comfort of the double bed. There’s even a bathroom with a soaking tub and a relaxing verandah to enjoy the views.

tree house 2 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways Rather than adjust the tree to suit the house, the house has welcomed the tree with open arms. Fairy-lit branches form part of this treehouse’s unique interior.

tree house 4 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The bedroom with a double bed offers spectacular views to the outdoors while also having oak tree branches for company.

tree house 3 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The luxurious bathroom with a soaking tub is conveniently located in this treehouse, not far from the main living space and bedroom. Book the treehouse here.

Lovtag Treetop Cabins

Hadsund, Mariagerfjord, Denmark

Lovtag Treetop Cabins consists of three cabins in a small forest of rural Northern Denmark. Each of the three cabins, Et, Ro, and Ly, sleep up to four people in an open-plan space, with all accessible by a wooden gangway.

Lovtag Treetop Cabins 4 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways Enjoy the modern convenience of water, electricity, and plumbing, not to mention the stunning natural scenery from every window. Each cabin also has roof terraces with outdoor furniture, along with a sofa bed and queen-size bed.

Lovtag Treetop Cabins 3 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The open-plan living space of each cabin emphasizes contemporary elegance. Although, the addition of the live trees in each reminds you of their rustic charm.

scandi tree house 2 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The light color schemes throughout offer the illusion of space.

scandi tree house 1 - Five Magical Treehouse Getaways The indoor/outdoor flow of each cabin allows you to take full advantage of the natural surroundings. Find more info here.