Get your Klippan sofa a new wardrobe

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IKEA’s Klippan sofa is arguably the most popular sofa in the world and it has been on the market for almost 40 years but the team behind Artfly felt Klippan called for a bit of rejuvenation. They wanted to give it versatility, help it blend into various situations or interiors, so that as many people as possible could pick it for their own. To make it ubiquitous and yet original at the same time. A simple solution suggested itself – to make it all happen with a slipcover. Today they offer a wide range of slipcovers that can turn your Klippan into a design piece in a matter of minutes. And they offer free shipping worldwide.

azami-image-ikea-klippan-cover-detail-01The Azami slipcover toys with symmetry and floral motifs combined with simple graphic patterns. Price: $299

colorblock-image-ikea-klippan-cover-detail-02The Colorblock slipcover features clean geometry and bold colors. Price: $269

MISAKI IKEA Klippan SlipcoverMisaki slipcover. Neither painting, nor graphic pattern, this piece breaks design into a screen of dots. Price: $299

pastel-image-ikea-klippan-cover-detail-01Pastel slipcover. Evoking the atmosphere of summer dresses and ice creams in the American diners of the 50s, the pinks, mint greens, blues and light yellows on this slipcover are spot on. Price: $299

thanks-image-ikea-klippan-cover-detail-01Thanks slipcover. This pattern is inspired by the wild. The zebra, giraffe, leopard, cheetah, tiger, crocodile and cobra are all herded in the pattern of this cover. Price: $269

time-flies-image-ikea-klippan-cover-detail-01Time flies slipcover. Overflowing with designs of E.T., actors sporting Mexican moustaches, chainsaws, working out in the gym, little vampires, dog keeping, floppy discs, cassettes, diamonds, high-heeled shoes, USB drives, planet Saturn, T-squares, aircraft, guns, pine cones, skyscrapers, safety pins, stars, folders, apples or cherries, this slipcover is a playful take on the world around you. Price: $269