Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage baskets

There are few things as frustrating as a home full of clutter. If nothing has its place, how do you expect to find it? That’s where storage baskets come in. Whether you need something for the children’s toys or your living room accessories, you’re bound to find a basket that suits both your style preferences and storage needs.

2PiecesWickerBasketSet - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage baskets2 Pieces wicker basket set ($79.69). Not everyone has the floor space to dedicate to a storage basket. That’s not a problem with this two-piece set of wicker baskets. Not only do they feature handwoven seagrass, but they have one handle on each basket so you can hang them on the wall. Use them for magazine storage, keys, plants, or something else. Find it here

e9c8ee22 9faa 4d1a 8674 112545bd73ef - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsLarge round handmade dove gray storage basket – Set of 2 ($199.97). Whether you need storage for throw blankets or a basket for your bathroom towels, this handmade storage basket will tick all the boxes. It’s a unique and stylish set of two baskets with woven, chunky polyester rope partnered with dark grey mesh. Each of the two baskets has handles, an open weave style, and a nesting design. Find it here

49393495386 65d02ff8c7 c 1024x1024@2x - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsBrown Maki basket ($139.00). Welcome a modern and minimalistic form of storage to your home with this brown Maki basket. It features metal, a browned brass finish, and a beautiful natural leather handle. Use it for magazines and knick-knack storage, or even wood by the fire. Find it here

3PieceWickerBasketSet - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage baskets3-Piece wicker basket ($189.99). Storage solutions for your home don’t have to be boring. Instead, they can be statement pieces like this three-piece wicker basket set. These three baskets of varying sizes feature woven wicker with striking crochet-knit triangle detail. You even get to benefit from the convenience of top edge loop handles. Find it here

51CcWajjML. AC SL1248  - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsLagom felt storage basket ($39.99). Whether you need a form of plant storage or something for your hobbies, this Lagom felt storage basket might be worth your inspection. It’s a stylish felt basket with genuine leather straps, and a plastic plant saucer included. It’s available in two sizes, two colours, and is suitable for nearly all your storage needs. Find it here

61apsuFXn1L. SL1000  - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsOubra felt basket ($12.99 -$14.99). Welcome contemporary elegance to your home with this Oubra felt basket. With environmentally friendly and high-quality felt, you can’t help but be impressed. This odour-free basket is available in three sizes, and all come with detachable wooden handles. Use them in your office, bedroom, kitchen, or any room in your home. Find it here

71jemvAGxTL. SL1500  - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsWoven cotton rope storage basket ($25.99). Add a fun and creative form of storage to your children’s bedrooms with this woven cotton rope storage basket. With a novel cat face and contemporary colour scheme, it’s hard not to be impressed. This basket also boasts handles for easy lifting and easy-care materials for spot-washing. Take care of clutter with ease. Find it here

71o98snd0wL. AC SL1500  - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsGrey tweed storage basket – Set of 2 ($31.99). Say goodbye to dull plastic storage and hello to a beautiful mid-century modern basket set with double-layered bamboo lids. This set of two grey tweed storage baskets features light grey tweed with eco-friendly bamboo and recycled cardboard. Skin-friendly, chemical-free, and double-layered, what more do you need? Store them in your office, bedroom, closet, or anywhere you please. Find it here

60731593 030 b - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsJulia storage basket ($49.00). Jump on the boho wagon with this Julia storage basket. Not only is it large enough to suit all manner of items, but it’s colourful, strong, and striking in design. Each basket has been woven with water hyacinth, and feature side handles for easy carrying. Find it here

BananaLeaf2PieceWickerBasketSet - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsBanana Leaf 2 Piece wicker basket set ($177.03). Clear away clutter with the help of this banana leaf two-piece wicker basket set. This set of nesting baskets is handmade in Indonesia with a natural design yet cleans easily with a dry cloth. No two wicker baskets are the same, but you can fill them with all manner of items like books, blankets, clothing, and more. Find it here

CamilaWickerBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsCamila wicker basket ($34.99). Add a sense of order to your kitchen, bathroom, office, or even your bedroom, with this stunning and eco-friendly Camila wicker basket. With natural water hyacinth, a rustproof iron frame, two strong handles, and lovely toffee colouring, it’s an attractive and functional addition to any room in your home. Find it here

Colonial Mills Preve Indoor Outdoor Polypropylene Soft Braided Basket d888be5f 519e 40e7 a3e5 33224ea948b4 1000 - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsColonial mills soft braided basket (($71.99). Upgrade your home’s styling with the simple purchase of this Colonial Mills soft braided basket. While it looks like a traditional woven basket, it actually features robust polypropylene materials in chevron patterning with stain, mildew, and fade-resistant properties. Vertical handles and cable lock braiding give it much-needed strength. Find it here

giraffe storage basket o - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsGiraffe storage basket ($119.00). Liven up your playroom or nursery with this handwoven giraffe storage basket. Wicker and abaca rope have been carefully handcrafted over a metal frame and entirely pieced together by hand. Enjoy the fun shape of this storage solution while also savoring the knowledge that it has been ethically crafted to Nest standard in the Philippines. Find it here

ivory chunky knit nursery storage o - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsIvory chunky knit storage ($29 – $69). Enjoy a sense of order in your baby’s nursery with this Ivory chunky knit storage. In the range is a changing table, small basket, and large basket – all sold separately. Each item is lovingly handmade of polyester and suits any nursery, no matter the colour scheme. Find it here

MetalBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsMetal Basket ($60.99). Even though this basket looks like a traditional wicker form of storage, it’s anything but. Instead, it’s a robust metal basket with handles and a curved body to look the part but be much stronger. Use it for washing, the children’s toys, kitchen accessories, and more. It’s quite the statement piece. Find it here

ModeCrochetFabricBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsMode crochet fabric basket ($19.11). Step away from mass-produced storage solutions and opt for this stunning Mode crochet fabric basket, produced by artisans, instead. This hand-crocheted basket is practical, stylish, and easy-care for indoor and outdoor use. Group it with more than one, or use it on its own for plants, knick-knacks, or anything you please. Find it here

MultifunctionalWireBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsWire basket ($38.99). This simple yet elegant wire basket is an ideal desktop organiser for any busy worker or student. You can use it to store pens, paper, and other stationery, or even fill it with your favourite desktop plants. It also comes with a carrying handle for portability. Find it here

opolis dipped planter basket large o - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsLarge dipped basket in black and walnut finish ($200.00). Whether you’re looking for a unique plant holder or somewhere to store toys or blankets, don’t look past this beautiful white and walnut finish wooden basket. Opolis Wood Co. was inspired by craftsman Niko Stathas’ Cuyamaca Mountains roots and set about creating a beautiful hand-shaped basket. Made from rough-cut wooden segments, it’s a standout piece. Find it here

RattanBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsRattan basket ($35.99). Keep clutter out of sight and out of mind, courtesy of this beautiful jute rattan basket. With two handles, tassel accents, and versatility for any room in your home, it’s bound to be a winner. It’s even of a generous size for laundry, living room throws, and more. Find it here

RollingLaundryMetalBasketSet - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsRolling laundry metal basket ($163.83). Refrain from doing too much back-breaking labour around your own home with this rolling laundry metal basket. With four caster wheels set under a rustic wood base and galvanized metal frame, you’re set up for a convenient and fast laundry experience. It even comes with handles, should you prefer to carry it instead. Find it here

RoundCoiledStorageRattanBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsRound coiled rattan basket ($74.50). Welcome nature into your home with the help of this round coiled rattan basket. This attractive storage solution features naturally-grown rattan in a natural brown hue, along with black or white accents. It suits any room in your home and even has two handles for easy portability. Find it here

Set of 2 Modern Diamond Weave Round Iron Baskets with Wheels ba2d3bd9 8db3 46a4 afbf 629aeddb3c6c 1000 1 - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsModern diamond-weave iron baskets with wheels – Set of 2 ($165.98). Add a beautiful new chic piece to your modern home, and enjoy a storage solution simultaneously. This set of two diamond-weave iron baskets from Studio 350 are a game-changer. They feature four wheels to move them around, two convenient arched handles, and a stunning gold finish. Find it here

Studio 350 Natural Brown Banana Leaf Storage Baskets w Weave Diamond Design c90a382b 57c8 43a7 9663 9b7b2d5e96a5 1000 - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsBanana leaf Storage baskets with weave diamond design ($176.49). You’ll be hard-pressed to find a storage solution more unique and functional than this set of three banana leaf storage baskets. They stand out from the crowd by being handmade with palm and banana leaves and handwoven with a diamond and square design and three-inch handles. Nest together for easy storage or display them apart. Find it here

BSK FRIN SNU 8 608x896 - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsPink fringe basket ($69.00). Store the kids’ toys away with ease while keeping your home looking stylish at the same time. This fringe basket is beautifully handmade with cotton and other fibres, along with a fringe trim. It’s large enough for toys but small enough to be easy to tuck away out of the way. Find it here

23597063 view add03 - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsPear Braided Storage ($109.00). Liven up your child’s nursery with this stunning pear braided storage basket. In the shape of a pear, it’s probably unlike any other storage solution you own. The bottom of the basket forms an egg-like shape, while the stemmed lid turns it into a pear. Use it for toys, bibs, clothes, and more. Find it here

WickerPlasticBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsWicker basket ($63.99). For function and style, this round wicker basket ticks all the boxes. Not only does its striking design with woven resin tubing allow it to stand out in your home, but its generous size and strength make it suitable for storage. Use it for keys and mail, vegetables in the kitchen, or whatever you please. Find it here

ilbfjujnq31fau12mxzg - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsBend basket ($265.00 – $290.00). With a combination of traditional African styling and modern-day appeal, this bend basket is bound to pique your curiosity. It’s an 18-inch Bend Goods bend basket featuring galvanized and powder-coated iron wire. This fun, simple, and elegant storage solution will suit any classic or contemporary abode. Find it here

FlexketBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsFlexket Basket ($14.35). If affordability and function are essential to you when hunting for new forms of storage, let this Flexket basket deliver. This flexible plastic-coated wire basket is not only funky and colourful for any child’s bedroom, but it flexes and expands to fit more items in it. Find it here

WireBasket - Get rid of clutter with these 30 beautiful storage basketsMetal wire basket ($41.13). Add a burst of colour to your home décor while adding a new form of storage at the same time. This vibrant yellow metal wire basket is bound to be a crowd favourite. It features an openwork bucket design, two handles, and 100% metal wire for strength. Allow it to integrate into your home décor seamlessly. Find it here

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