Guisepi lives in a school bus and serves the community and tea

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Joe “Guisepi” Spadafora has been living in, building, traveling around in and serving free tea out of his converted short school bus for more than 6 years. This mobile free teahouse is a community building project and a living example of low-environmental-impact, high-social impact, small-scale, DIY, low-cost living. The bus itself is around 100 square feet but packed with all the essentials for living.

A solar panel charges a small battery bank that runs his refrigerator, lights, water pump, computer and other devices. The bus runs on recycled waste vegetable oil. It has 42 gallons of fresh water capacity, a hot water heater that is heated by waste engine heat (via coolant), a water filter and a sink. The faucet head pulls out to become a showerhead in a bracket out the window, with privacy for showering via a telescopic pole out the roof rack from which he hangs a tarp. A mini-wood stove provides heat (a Navigator Little Cod). The bed is an extra-long twin that drops down from the ceiling on a pulley system. Because the bed is actually two mattresses and two sheets of plywood, he can add a couple of extra supports and slide the bed out into a king size. He can also double his kitchen counter space by pulling out extra counter space from above a storage area to over some of the bench seating. The bus also has a fold-down desk, a garden window box, a roll-out wood storage box that also acts as a table or bench, a small closet and other conveniences.

You can follow Guisepi on his website:


Joe “Guisepi” Spadafora travels around offering free tea on random city streets and at events, parks, festivals and art walks as a way to help create the culture in which he wants to live – one that is less focused on money and more oriented towards community.


 The seating area


Fold down storage behind the benches

School-bus-home-OptionalPullOutKingBed (1)

The kingsize bed


Fold down desk and storage


Electric solar control area


 Take a seat on the solar powered fridge


The lantern runs on waste vegetable oil


 The entire interior is salvaged wood (except the plywood on the bed) as well as about 75% of the hardware (including screws!).


The faucet head pulls out to be a shower head in a bracket out the window


Garden door


A wide variety of guests stop by Guisepi’s bus