Mandy lives full-time in a tiny teardrop trailer (and loves it)

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After working in a photo shop for ten years Mandy Lea’s wanderlust became unavoidable and she left to pursue freelance photography, live on the road out of her teardrop camper, and maybe learn a thing or two about life. Her little trailer has room for sleeping and cooking (outside) and that’s about it, but Mandy loves her humble dwelling which she has named “The Phoenix.”

mandy-lea-teardrop-1The mighty Phoenix

mandy-lea-teardrop-6 mandy-lea-teardrop-2

  1. Mandy replaced the stainless steel “Ikea-looking” handles with knobs that were more her style.
  2. The photographer had her first tear drop “Birdsong” stolen, and the aluminium print was one of only three items, she recovered from Birdsong. It is a print of the exact sunrise she was shooting when she decided to change her life.
  3. The cute little sign hides the radio/DVD player that lights up the whole camper if it isn’t covered.
  4. Mandy visits a lot of national parks and got the bear when she got a membership to all the visitors centers. Tip: The membership gives you a discount at all the parks’ shops.
  5. The camper didn’t come with curtains, so she bought rods for $2.99 and kitchen curtains from Walmart.
  6. These two shelves didn’t come as standard but were added by Mandy.
  7. The hook over the window is used to hang the laundry baskest from.
  8. Her favourite mod


Hidden behind the TV is a neat little cupboard


Mandy doesn’t like the look of the A/C, so when she isn’t using it, she covers it with her favourite image.

mandy-lea-teardrop-3 She has added pins from all of the National and State Parks that she has visited on the curtains.

mandy-lea-teardrop-7In the back of the trailer you find the kitchen compartment.

mandy-lea-teardrop-10 mandy-lea-teardrop-9

This little piece of pvc pipe makes life easier. The leveler handle used to always flop around, and now it has a place!


She has bolted down a toolbox on the front for the tools she need quick on hand.


Mandy Lea has an insatiable desire to explore and document the beauty all around us through photography and she hopes that she is able to “show people things they don’t normally get to see, to inspire them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.” Her photos are amazing so head over to her site to check them out and learn more about this free spirit.

Photos courtesy of Mandy Lea