A multifunctional, moving wall creates macro potential in this micro apartment

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The basin of Darsena, a historic harbor in Milan which closed nearly 40 years ago, has recently been restored with restaurants, tree-lined walking paths and docks for tour boats; revitalizing the area once again into a bustling public center. But this presented a massive challenge to the little port town: how could it accommodate this influx of tourists, armed only with cramped living quarters from the 1600s? Enter Taaac! The micro apartment with macro potential.

ezgif.com-resize (1)Taaac! converts a 317-square-foot room into a stylish apartment with all the amenities of home. PLANAIR Studio used many clever design tricks — an open layout with lots of natural light, large ceramic tiles combined with wide-plank wood flooring, and an oversized wall mirror — to make the apartment feel as spacious as possible. However, the pièce de résistance is the white-lacquered wall with buttery yellow accents, which glides effortlessly across the floor.

Taac_Flat_2_47This moveable, multi-purpose wall transforms the singular room into a variety of unique spaces.

ta2When tucked away, the wall allows the apartment to function as a studio, complete with a comfy and space-saving hideaway bed. Want a little more privacy? No problem! The wall can also be used to section off part of the room into a cozy nook, where one can read a novel from the built-in bookcase or toil away on the pull-out workstation.

ta1 On the opposite side of the wall, a fold-down countertop acts as an extension of the kitchen, helping hosts prepare for the night’s dinner guests.

ta81 ta4When the doorbell finally buzzes, the wall can be moved all the way across the room, opening up the space with plenty of room for dancing or schmoozing by the fold-down bar.

ta5 Taac_Flat_2_38 Taac_Flat_2_22 Taac_Flat_2_45Taac! is a minimal apartment designed for maximum comfort, sure to make even the most claustrophobic tenant feel at home. It is never the same space twice, transforming magically into the perfect apartment for today’s ever-changing lifestyles.