Nine stunning kitchenettes from around the world

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A kitchenette is a mini-kitchen that at minimum usually has a fridge and a microwave, but some designs pack an impressive amount of functions into a small space. You find kitchenettes in offices, hotels and guest houses, and also in small studio apartments, tiny houses and other small dwellings. The nine designs I have curated are great examples of how functionality and beautiful design can go hand-in-hand when space is scarce.


French designer Jean-Luc Sifferlin received two Foire de Paris awards for his kitchenette C=1m2. The design offers everything you want in a kitchen: worktop, rinsing sink, stove, oven, refrigerator, and shelves in 1 m2/ 10-square-foot. The kitchenette is mobile, so you can take it with you when you move. More info here 


The kitchenette Gali is Madrid-based multidisciplinary designer Ana Arana’s response to the growing trend of compact changeable lifestyles. Her design is the outcome of her research on consuming food and social and living arrangements focused on single occupancy living. More info here


mini-cuisineThis discreet mini-kitchen by Mamini Cusine is specially designed for small spaces and offices. It offers maximum comfort for cooking in a minimal space. When it isn’t in use, you can close the lid, and nobody will suspect it’s a kitchen. More info here 

mini-kitchen-ikeaThe SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen from IKEA makes it easy to create a practical and inspiring area for cooking, even in a small space. It can be assembled and taken apart in no time. More info here

kitchenette-delta-cocinasWhen you have to make the most of a kitchen in apartments, offices, and rooms with limited space, this kitchenette by the Spanish company Delta is a great solution. When it isn’t in use, this tiny kitchen hides behind retractable doors. More info here 

small-kitchenThe Dutch interior architects I29 created this tiny kitchen where part of the kitchen and the dining area merges into one module. More info here 

kitchoo-kitchenetteThe Swiss company Kitchoo specializes in small kitchens, and their model K7 is a contemporary cabinet that turns into a sophisticated kitchen. It combines with induction hob, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, washing machine or functions as storage. More info here 

culshaw-kitchenetteThe Hivehaus Grand kitchenette by British company Culshaw Kitchen Makers fuses mid-century design with modern concepts to produce a retro but forward-looking design. Some key features are two zone induction hob, Panasonic combination oven and a full-size integrated fridge with ice box. More info here

stealth-mini-kitchenNow you see it; now you don’t. YesterTec’s Stealth Kitchen line offers unique hideaway kitchens. Just by closing a few cabinet doors, the room does not need to look like a kitchen anymore. More info here