Sea King Helicopter was turned into holiday home with mini kitchen and shower room.

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Ever wanted to spend a night in a helicopter? Well now you can!  In Scotland that is. Stirling farmer Martyn Steedman snapped up a decommissioned Sea King in an online Ministry of Defence auction for £7,000 in March 2016. The giant helicopter was then transported 320 miles by road before being craned into position on a picturesque Thornhill campsite in Scotland a month later. Over the summer months, Martyn Steedman and his team have lovingly restored the helicopter’s exterior to its former glory, while the inside has been tuned into stunning luxury overnight accommodation complete with mini kitchen and shower room.

helicopter-hotel-glamping-scotland-7The original lighting has been kept and restored, so when she is lit up a night she looks as if she is ready to take off.

helicopter-hotel-glamping-scotland-1The helicopter can accommodate a family of five (2 adults and 3 children) with a double and a triple bed as well as single bed in the tail

helicopter-hotel-glamping-scotland-6 helicopter-hotel-glamping-scotland-2To make sure the helicopter is cool in summer and warm in winter, the curved walls have been insulated, wood paneled  and painted which gives the inside the look of an upturned hull of a boat.

helicopter-hotel-glamping-scotland-3The original dashboard, roof panel switches and foot pedals have been retained, so guests can experience the helicopter as she once was and pretend they are flying her on a mission.

helicopter-hotel-glamping-scotland-4The real focal point of the interior however is the cockpit, where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views over the Carse of Stirling. The flight deck has been refitted with swivel seats and a table made from an old fuel tank cover and painted with an RAF roundel.

toiletMany of the Sea King’s original features have been retained inside, but the bulky sonar station was donated to a Helicopter Museum to make way for a shower room and mini-kitchen.  When the sonar was removed it left the perfect hole to plumb in the services. So guests now sit on the loo where the sonar operator once sat!

helicopter-hotel-glamping-scotland-5The helicopter was used in naval training until 2002 and Martyn Steedman sourced some original rotor blades and replaced her tail rotors with some he discovered on Ebay, because he still wanted her to look like a helicopter from the outside.

Prices start from £150 per night for two adults. Children are priced at £10 a head per night. More info here.