Snooze your way from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Cabin’s sleep pod bus

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The California-based startup Cabin has just launched a bus service that takes you from San Francisco to Los Angeles or vice versa in a sleeper bus equipped with personal sleeping cabins.

cabin-sleeper-bus-1Each sleeping cabin is equipped with a privacy curtain, complimentary ear plugs, socks, water bottle, personal power outlet with USB sockets, reading light, Wi-Fi, and luxury bedding. There is also an attendant on each trip to take care of the passengers which includes offering them complimentary water, coffee, or tea as well as light snacks.

The vehicle departs from San Francisco or Los Angeles at 11pm and arrives at the destination at 7am, but passengers can stay in the bus until 9am. One-way tickets start at $115.

cabin-sleeper-bus-2The double-deckers busses it outfitted with 24 beds

cabin-sleeper-bus-3The ground floor of each Cabin vehicle consists of a common lounge area with small tables as well as a full bathroom located on the ground floor near the base of the stairs. All bathrooms have a flushable toilet, sink with running water, and various sanitation products.

At this time, Cabin only offers service to-and-from San Francisco and Los Angeles, but they plan to add new routes in the near future.