Spectacular copper-clad teardrop trailer takes steampunk to another level

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The plan was to build a teardrop trailer that Ronald Sponselee could could rent out in the summer, but now that he’s almost finished with the build, the owner of The Love bird Company has had a change of heart. The little camper is just too pretty to be handed over to strangers, so instead he plans on going camping in it himself!

love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-1Ronald Sponselee wanted to create a steampunk styled teardrop, so the spectacular camper that is built on the base from an old caravan is covered with 0.5 mm copper plates

love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-3 love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-5The teardrop’s galley is decorated with old world maps

love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-6Copper pipes have been used as handles for the drawers

love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-7 love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-8The interior is also kept in the steampunk style. Two wall-mounted cabinets supply storage

love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-9A transparent acrylic plate brings natural light into the camper

love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-11 love-bird-company-steampunk-teardrop-trailer-12Boots seems to approve of the tiny camper

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