The teardrop trailer DROPLET brings the outdoors inside

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When interior designer and engineer, Diane and Pascal from Vancouver B.C., got tired of shuttling camping gear from the basement to the car, they started looking for a ready-to-go solution. They thought a teardrop trailer could be the just the ticket, but unfortunately, none were the right fit–not enough space, few capabilities, and lacking comfort and style. They decided to design and built their own Scandinavian-inspired mini-camper and lo and behold: the DROPLET trailer was born.

Today the DROPLET is a fully engineered and detailed product for rent on numerous websites in Canada and the USA collecting user feedback. Once fully validated by the users, DROPLET will enter into production via a crowdfunding campaign.

droplet-teardrop-trailer-2The cabin has closed-cell aluminum laminated foam insulation which makes the teardrop an all-season camper.

droplet-teardrop-trailer-1The two doors are designed to allow for easy entrance/exit.

droplet-teardrop-trailer-11The cabin interior is built around a 6″ queen size mattress.

droplet-teardrop-trailer-10There are two cabinets and two shelves at the bed’s foot providing ample storage for electronic devices and clothing.

droplet-teardrop-trailer-8The kitchen features a 12V slide-out fridge, a two-burner propane cooking stove and wide pull-out drawer for pots, pans, and food. This recessed sink is deep enough to do the dishes. Acrylic gives the countertop and backsplash a sleek, easy to clean space.

droplet-teardrop-trailer-5The brightly-lit cabin has two LED reading lamps and sports an amazing half-dome front window that brings the outdoors inside.

droplet-teardrop-trailer-4The company behind the new teardrop trailer is very eco-conscious, so they are creating a community that enables owners to share their DROPLET, make an extra income and limit the impact of the manufacturing of the teardrop trailers. They are also committed to dedicating 10% of their benefits to buying land in Canada and USA. These properties will transform into free campgrounds for self-contained campers.