Ten smart organizing ideas for your kitchen

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If you’re looking for ideas that will make your kitchen more organized and little bit tidier you have come to the right place. Check out these clever designs.

Scrap collector and freezer compost bin ($14.68). This scrap collector and freezer compost bin makes counter clean up easy and allows you to collect compostables even in the smallest apartment, without the mess and smell- because you can store you compost in your freezer. Find it here.

Over-the-door spice rack ($54.80). Store and organize items of various sizes. Easily reposition baskets to accommodate tall and short items. Find it here.

Umbra float under-cabinet-utensil-holder ($15.00). This utensil holder mounts underneath your cabinet or on the wall and accepts a wide range of kitchen tools. The flexible grippers inside float allow users to easily insert and remove items. Find it here.

Wall-mounted wood magnetic knife holder ($27.99). Bring rustic style and organization to your kitchen with this magnetic knife rack. Features a wooden plank with powerful embedded magnets that hold your kitchen knives vertically. Find it here.

Double sponge holder ($12.00). Can store two different kinds of sponges. A suction cups keep the sponge holder attached firmly to the sink. Find it here.

Dish storage wide rack ($23.99). This stylish design can hold a large number of dishes. Find it here.

InterDesign spice rack organizer ($16.02). Spice rack organizer with 3 tiers. Ideal for kitchen cabinets, countertops, or pantries. Find it here.

Set of 2 plastic bag dispensers ($9.99). Protect the eviroment by saving and reusing your shopping and grocery bags. Just put the shopping bags in to the dispenser on the top and extract from the bottom. Find them here.

Yamazaki home tower ladle and lid stand ($18.00). This minimalist pod and lid stand can also be used as a cookbook stand. Find it here.

Duo over-the-cabinet towel bar and basket ($16.85). The towel bar area accommodates hand and dish towels while the opposite side stores household items. Find it here.