The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)

Homeowners desire multi-functional furniture now more than ever before. A chair or table that only does one thing? No, thank you! Which is what has made sleeper sofas with chaises so popular. Not only are they comfortable sofas for relaxing during the day, but they also become luxurious beds for a guest or homeowner at night.

We have curated the 12 best sleeper sofas with chaises that customers love. If the time has come to make a living room furniture purchase, don’t look past these top-rated solutions to tick all the right boxes.

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Santini Reversible Sectional Grey Sofa With 2 Stools

sleeper sectional chaise stools - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)At first glance, this grey sectional sofa from Wayfair looks like any other you’d see on the market. It’s contemporary, features modern linen fabric with synthetic fiber and pocket springs, and it has nice features like square arms and tufted back pillows.

But it’s what you can’t immediately see that makes this Santini sofa more desirable than many others. It has a storage chaise, a pull-out bed, and two square stools nested into the armrests. So, not only do overnight guests have somewhere to relax during the day and sleep at night, but they’ve also got a comfortable spot to sit on the side while enjoying their morning coffee. CHECK PRICE

Cosmoliving Black Velvet Sectional Futon With Storage Chaise

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan Liberty Sectional Futon with Storage 1 - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023) It’s never easy finding furniture for homes with conservative floorplans. You want something that looks stylish and sophisticated, but you also want it to be practical and versatile. This sectional futon from CosmoLiving ticks those boxes and is a popular sleeper sofa for budget shoppers who don’t want to sacrifice comfort and style.

This sleeper sofa with a storage chaise is available in a range of gorgeous finishes to suit your home’s unique style, such as blush pink velvet, black velvet, fierce green velvet, ivory velvet, and light grey chenille with diamond tufting and brass leg finishes.

As everyone’s living spaces and needs are different, you can also choose which side to place the chaise on, which is bound to make these loungers even more desirable for people with complex home layouts.

Once you’ve set it up and it’s ready to use, the benefits will immediately present themselves. You can sit on it like a sofa, recline it back to relax while watching TV or lie it completely flat to use it as an almost queen-sized bed.

According to reviewers, it’s a reasonably supportive sofa when used as a bed, without the need to add a memory foam topper or any other form of support underneath.

It’s easy-care, wipes clean with a soft cloth, and it’s lightweight for one person to move around. The cherry on top is the competitive price tag, making it suitable for first-time sofa buyers and those looking for affordable furniture for their new apartments. CHECK PRICE

Finnala Beige Sleeper Sofa With Storage Chaise

beige sleeper chaise - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)Full sleeper sofas that are both attractive and comfortable are hard to come by, but this FINNALA sleeper sofa from IKEA is proof that they aren’t impossible to find. When you’re in the market for a traditional sofa that can also provide all the benefits of a bed with a queen-sized innerspring mattress, you’ll find what you’re looking for with this couch.

This sleeper sofa converts quickly and easily into a spacious bed when you remove the back cushions and pull out the underframe. and it can be moved around and altered as you see fit. It also comes with pocket-spring seat cushions with high-resilience foam and a comfortable wadding layer on top.

As a result, whether you’re sitting or lying on it, it supports your body beautifully. You’re also bound to appreciate the adjustability of this sofa, with the option to add a section or two when you need extra space for sleeping or relaxing. You can also position the chaise on the left or right side.

The storage space is worthy of mention, as well. There is a generous amount of room under the chaise for blankets, pillows, and more.

Customers can choose between six different covers that are removable and machine-washable. The sleeper also has a comfortable 4¾” high resilience foam mattress, supported by bed slats. CHECK PRICE

Eliot Bumper Sleeper Sectional  With Chaise

sleeper sofa chaise - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)While you might spend a little more than you anticipated purchasing this sleeper sectional with chaise from Joybird, it’s often described as worth every penny. If it’s not the gorgeous mid-century styling that lures you in for a closer look, it’ll undoubtedly be the pull-out bed and range of upholstery options to suit your home’s décor and lifestyle perfectly.

Pick a color out of rich leather or timeless neutral hues and enjoy the high-quality materials underneath, such as a five-inch-thick mattress with three inches of high-density foam and two inches of memory foam. A frame consisting of kiln-dried solid wood spring rails and rubberwood legs holds the mattress in place.

All cushions have zip-up covers to make them easy to clean, and the pull-out bed component comfortably suits up to two people for a sleepover. CHECK PRICE

Sleeper Sofa and Chaise With Tailored Skirt

white sectional sofa chaise - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023) Plush, comfortable sofas are hard enough to find as it is, but it can sometimes be even harder to find plush, comfortable sleeper sofas. This USA-made sleeper sofa with a chaise is a game-changer.

It has a solid and manufactured wood frame, synthetic and down fiber fill, sinuous supports, and a charming tailored skirt and rolled arms for touches of character. You can also choose between 30 upholstery colors, which is bound to be a desirable feature of this sofa when you’re able to match it to any room in your house.

As soft and comfortable as this sofa is for up to five members of your family, it also doesn’t lack any support. The manufacturers have used no-sag steel springs combined with high-quality wood to offer long-lasting support.

Once transformed into a bed, you can enjoy a queen-sized sleeping space. Any guest or member of your family is bound to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep on this couch. CHECK PRICE

Dark Grey Sleeper Sofa With Reversible Storage Chaise

grey sleeper sectional - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)If you’re on a budget and need a practical, comfortable, multi-functional sofa for your home office, guest room or living space, this sleeper sofa with a reversible storage chaise will undoubtedly meet the mark.

It’s an 83.46-inch sofa with soft fabric, high-density foam cushions, and multiple configuration options to suit a wide range of needs. Use it as a comfortable sofa for two or three people, store your clutter in the chaise, or grab the handle and pull out a comfortable bed for up to two people.

What people also appreciate about this sofa is its sleek black finish. While it’s one of the most affordable sleeper sofas on the market, the striking black fabric almost appears executive, meaning it can look right at home in any classic or contemporary home or business. However, it doesn’t come with the same high price tag you’d find attached to your average executive-style lounge suite.

As far as affordability, functionality, and style go, these sofa beds are leagues ahead of their competition. CHECK PRICE

Aukfa Green Velvet Sectional Sleeper Sofa With Reversible Storage Chaise

green sleeper sectional chaise 500x500 - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)Anyone looking for a statement piece of furniture for their home would jump at the chance to call this Aukfa green velvet sectional sofa theirs.

Not only is it a striking piece of furniture that draws your eye when you enter the room, but it’s practical since it also comes with a pull-out bed and reversible storage chaise. You even receive two pillows with your purchase!

While it’s ideal for sitting, relaxing, and watching TV, it’s also a comfortable bed for overnight guests. Use the portable handle and bottom pulley device, and you can have a perfectly comfortable bed in seconds. All that’s left to do is add a custom sheet set and some blankets, and your guests can enjoy a peaceful night’s slumber.

There are also many small details you don’t expect, which add to this sofa’s appeal. The cushions are well-padded and skin-friendly, and the frame is solid wood to provide maximum support. It also has conservative dimensions to suit a small living space and a generous 264-pound weight capacity. CHECK PRICE

Briar Grey Sleeper Sectional With Storage Chaise

grey sleeper with chaise 1 - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)With endless customization options, striking mid-century styling, and unbeatable quality compared to many similarly-priced sectionals, it’s hard not to be impressed by what this sleeper sectional with a storage chaise has to offer.

Firstly, you get to choose from a range of color options to suit your unique needs, such as subtle neutrals that blend in with your home décor or vibrant and bold shades that make your sofa a statement piece.

Underneath that fabric, you’ll find a high-density polyurethane core and a five-inch mattress consisting of three inches of high-density foam and two inches of memory foam – all set within white polyester ticking.

Even the frame is something special since it has kiln-dried solid wood spring rails, rubberwood legs, and robust joints with glue, staples, and screws for strength. Its conservative size and high-quality pull-out bed make it the perfect solution for a studio apartment.  CHECK PRICE

Aukfa Flexible Sleeper Sofa With Chaise

retro sectional sleeper - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023) Anyone looking for a statement sofa in their living room will be jumping at the chance to order this flexible sleeper sofa with a chaise. At first, it looks like an ordinary L-shaped sofa, but it’s much, much more.

All seating components of this sleeper sofa can be moved, re-matched, and adjusted. Assemble it to suit your unique living room layout, and enjoy how it leaves placement entirely up to you.

Once you’ve assembled this sectional sofa to suit your needs, you can also adjust the position of each 23-inch-deep seat to one of three options to achieve different comfort levels. Take a nap with it set to 110 degrees, or fold it down to 180 degrees if you want to use it as a bed. The choices are endless.

As you might expect, this sofa is also exceptionally high-quality in every sense of the word. The frame features solid wood, and this easily supports the high-density sponge on top with 100% polyester fabric.

Overall, this charming green, blue, and grey sofa is 109.5 by 47.50 by 35.5 inches, with each loveseat being 73 x 47.5 by 35.5 inches. It’s bound to be more than suitable for the average living room, office, or dorm room. CHECK PRICE

Segmart Beige Sectional Sleeper With Storage Chaise

actual color beige 01 1 - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023) Elegant and sophisticated furniture is normally only practical for one use, but this sectional sleeper with a storage chase from Walmart bucks the trend. While it’s a dainty mid-century modern sofa that makes a statement, it’s also a practical piece for any home or apartment.

As far as practicality goes, this sofa can transform into a pull-out bed with a generous storage chaise to hide all your bedding. It also has a desirable L shape, and you can attach the chaise to the left or right side, depending on your living room’s configuration.

While not all practical sofas are comfortable, this one is. It boasts hand-picked velvet fabric with a gorgeous tufted button design, and it’s both soft to the touch and easy to clean. It also has high-density cushioning, which is bound to prove useful for relaxing and sleeping.

Once night falls, this sectional sofa quickly transforms into a twin-size bed. There are fabric handles underneath the seat cushions that you can pull to reveal the mattress. When it’s no longer needed, you can lift and push the bed back into place. This sofa is the complete package, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular with a range of consumers. CHECK PRICE

L-Shaped Light Blue Sleeper Sofa and Chaise

light blue sleeper sofa chaise - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)Many people encounter many problems with small homes, such as insufficient storage space and no guest bedrooms but this L-shaped sleeper sofa offers a solution. While it looks like a simple L-shaped sofa, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. During the day, you can sit or lie on it and use it as a practical and functional sofa. Its conservative dimensions also make it ideal for any small living room.

However, you can also make use of the chaise component and pull out the main sofa piece to form a comfortable bed for guests. Simply add your bedding over the top and wish them a peaceful night’s slumber.

If you constantly encounter clutter in your living space, this sofa also solves this problem. The chaise contains a lift tab, which reveals an abundance of storage space underneath. If you’re not yet convinced that it’s the right sofa for you, then the fact that you can choose between grey, green, and blue fabric might change your mind. CHECK PRICE

Honbay U-Shaped Sleeper Sofa With Storage Under Every Seat

sleeper sofa chaise storage - The 12 Best Sleeper Sofas With Chaises – According to Reviewers (2023)This sleeper sofa from Amazon is the epitome of multi-functional. Not only is it a gorgeous and contemporary grey sofa in a desirable U shape with polyester fabric and high-density sponge, but it’s also a six-piece sofa that transforms into a comfortable bed with an abundance of storage underneath.

This 112.21 x 55.90 x 33.86-inch sofa with a solid wood frame looks right at home in any classic or contemporary abode as a luxurious couch to place in front of the TV, but it’s so much more. You can move and re-match all seats, assemble the modules any way you please to match your unique home’s layout, and lift each section to reveal storage space underneath.

If you’ve long struggled to find a suitable hiding spot for couch blankets, spare cushions, and even kids’ toys, this sectional sofa more than solves that problem. However, it’s also an ideal guest bed for overnight guests.

If you lack a guest bedroom in your apartment or home, you can position all the lightweight modules in place and create an almost full-sized bed. Comfortable seat by day, luxurious bed by night. CHECK PRICE

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