The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces 

Many families do their best communicating at dinner time around a dining table, but how are you supposed to connect with your loved ones when you live in a home too small for such a table? You might not have much spare space, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dining table ownership dreams altogether.

Before you admit defeat and eat dinner on the couch, check out these extendable dining tables for small spaces below. They are all loved by reviewers for their functionality, style, and quality.

Livinia Walnut Gateleg Table With Storage Drawers

dark wood gateleg table storage - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  You might have enough room for a desk or dining table, but not both. Rather than sacrifice your need for both, consider purchasing this walnut gateleg table with storage drawers.

This beautiful solid hardwood piece functions as a desk pushed flush against your wall but can quickly transform into a table for up to four people measuring 58.3 x 31.4 x 28.9 inches. You simply need to drop the table leaves or expand them when you’re ready to eat dinner. This Scandinavian-style table even has three drawers, which you can use for office supplies, dinner accessories, or anything you please.

Monza Drop-Leaf Dining Table With Drawer

dropleaf table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  This gorgeous hardwood desk with a storage drawer for all your office essentials. However, when the time comes to welcome dinner guests, you can expand the leaves and turn it into a stable, high-quality dining table for your friends and family. Whether you have a modern or classic home, this charming table is bound to fit right in.

Henry Drop-Leaf Table With Hairpin Legs

drop leaf table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  From the striking metal hairpin legs for strength and style to the warm birchwood top for class and elegance, it’s hard not to be impressed with this mid-century style drop-leaf table. It can be a convenient 35-inch table for two people when expanded but can be tucked away in a corner out of the way by simply dropping the leaves.

Mobili Fiver Console to Large Dining Table

extendable table scaled - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  You don’t have to be an interior designer to see the value and versatility this convertible table brings to any home. At first, it looks like a simple Italian-made ashwood and aluminum table, but the best is yet to come.

Tucked away inside the small hall-style table are five leaves that transform it into a table for four, eight, and even 12 people. It has an innovative telescopic mechanism, central iron legs for stability, and five seamless extension leaves that slot inside the table legs. All that’s left to do now is add your own chairs or benches and make it the star of your dining space.

Farmhouse Style Drop-Leaf Dining Table

farmhouse style ddropleaf table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  Traditional farmhouse-style tables are large and solid, making them unsuitable for homes with limited space. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t welcome farm-style furniture into your home.

This gorgeous rubberwood drop-leaf dining table with charming turned legs has a white and natural finish for those farm-style vibes, but it’s designed for small spaces. Fully expanded, it’s a 40-inch round table for up to four people. However, by dropping down the leaves, it can be a compact 26-inch side table for anywhere in your home.

Maliyah Rounded Dark Walnut Extendable Dining Table

Round wood extendable table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  If you looking for a modern design that stands out from the crowd, this rounded dining table might suit your needs. This stunning wood table with a gorgeous dark walnut finish boasts many unique features, like a center extension leaf, U-crossed legs, and an amazing mid-century design that works harmoniously in classic and contemporary homes.

When you lack space, it can be a small round table for two, but it can soon become an expansive 47-inch table for four with minimal effort.

Black Convertible Console to Dining Table

black extendable table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  You have to get creative when you have limited space, and this modern stylish dining table ticks that box. While it functions beautifully as an office desk and even a table for a hallway or entrance, it’s also a transformer table that can provide dining space for up to four people.

It boasts a gorgeous contemporary color scheme and design, a self-storing leaf for space-saving, and folding functionality for storage at a moment’s notice. Its flexibility also makes it ideal for a room of any shape and size. The icing on the cake is underneath storage. You can use the cubby underneath for dinnerware, office supplies, and more. It might not be a massive extending table for a large family, but it’s bound to suit the average couple or small family looking for a table that won’t take up much space.

Berkshire Extendable Dark Wood Dining Table

dark wood extendable table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  A simple, solid extendable dining table is all some people want and need, and this dining table fits into that category. It boasts gorgeous warm and high-quality solid fruitwood and is designed to suit the needs of many homeowners.

Whether you need a desk to study, a small table for meal prep in your kitchen, or a large 40-inch by 40-inch game or dining table for friends and family, it can do all jobs. It also has a removable extension leaf included to ensure you can maximize this table’s use.

Kasshom Round Drop-Leaf Table With Storage Shelf

dropleaf table white wood storage - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  With a contemporary design and gorgeous white and wood finishes, this round drop-leaf table with a storage shelf will likely shoot to the top of your wish list. It’s a multi-functional, convertible dining room table for two people but can also be a hallway table or desk when you drop one or both leaves.

Unlike most other dining room tables on the market, this one also has caster wheels, allowing you to move it around your home easily. You can also fold down the entire table for storage when you no longer require it.

Edmaire Convertible Oak Dining Table

console dining table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  If you’re lacking inspiration for how to create a gorgeous farm-style home, consider starting with this convertible dining table.

It’s a rustic and refined rubberwood table that can function as a console or dining table in any small or large space. Tuck it away in an entryway with your favorite décor in the center of the table, or expand it in your dining room to take care of up to six diners. No matter how you use it, it’s bound to be the focal point in your home.

Paulis Counter Height Drop-Leaf Table With Wine Storage

dropleaf table wine storage - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  Many homeowners have to decide whether they want more meal prep space in their kitchen or somewhere to dine with their family, but why should you have to choose? This Paulis counter height table ticks both boxes.

It’s a beautifully rustic and contemporary acacia hardwood furniture piece with an abundance of storage space, wine holders, and folding leaves that let you use more or less space. While you might like to place it in the center of your kitchen for meal prep and storage, you can also set up the leaves and pair it with up to four seats.

This drop-leaf table can be purchased with matching X-back or backless stools to achieve your desired look.

Kallhäll Gateleg Table With Chair Storage

gateleg table chair storage - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  Table functionality can be important, but few options on the market are truly as functional as this gateleg table from IKEA. This white and light grey table ticks many boxes. With two folding drop leaves, it can be a dining table for up to four people, depending on your needs.

However, when dinner time is over, you can transform it into a desk for work and play. It has a sturdy metal bottom paired with a storage curtain for your study supplies, or you can use this space for two compatible folding chairs, like NISSE, TERJE, and GUNDE. It also has hook-and-loop fasteners to keep cables in place, fabric cut-outs for cord management, and a robust metal frame for peace of mind.

Mid-Century Rounded Expandable Dining Table

round extendable table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  If you’re looking for a classic table to suit your needs now and into the future, now might be the right time to check out this mid-century-inspired expandable dining table from West Elm. You can choose one of two options to add to your home – a 42-60-inch table with a collapsed and expanded leaf to seat up to six people or a 60-80-inch table to seat up to 10.

Not only will its expandability grab your attention, but so will the manufacturing process. This beautiful table has been made with solid eucalyptus wood with an acorn top. All materials are sustainably sourced and fair trade certified, and the tables are made in Vietnam.

Eleanora Iron and Wood Drop-Leaf Dining Table

console dining table 1 - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  This drop-leaf dining table can make any dining space ‘pop’ with its powder-coated iron tube legs, drop-leaf construction, and gorgeous warm wood tabletop. It also has plenty of room for up to six diners. You’re in luck if you don’t typically have enough space for a permanent dining table. You can fold down the two leaves and transform the table into a console table for your hallway.

Pemberly White and Natural Drop-Leaf Table

dropleaf table white wood - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  If you appreciate the simple things in life, don’t look past this drop-leaf table. From the solid hardwood top to capture your attention to the beautiful white legs for those farm-style vibes, this table has it all.

It’s a dual drop-leaf table with a nine-inch leaf on each side that can function as a dining table, desk, side table, and more. With easy assembly and high-quality materials to seal the deal, there’s every reason to consider adding this table to your home.

Brister Dark Wood Extendable Dining Table

small extendable table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  It doesn’t always make sense to purchase a dining table for four people when you typically only dine as a couple, but what are you supposed to do when you invite guests over for dinner? This classic table might be the answer.

Not only does it stand out from the crowd with its rustic design and competitive price tag, but it also has drop-down leaves you can extend to transform it from a table for two people to one suitable for four. This table is ideal for apartments, small homes, and even dorm rooms. All that’s left to do is pair it with your favorite dining chairs and get ready for more convenient home dining.

Convertible White Dining/Coffee Table

coffee dining table convertible - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  If you have enough space for a dining table or coffee table, but not both, you might think you have to choose one or the other. Why not get a piece of furniture that can perform both tasks? This sleek white convertible dining and coffee table is a practical piece for any small home and can be transformed into a coffee table or dining table in a pinch.

Use the metal lift system to create a small coffee table by your sofa, then extend it to a full-size 39 x 25 x 29-inch dining table for up to six people. You don’t even have to worry about lifting or maneuvering since it comes with lockable caster wheels.

Kalos White and Natural Drop-Leaf Table

white wood dropleaf table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  Whether you live in a small home, dorm room, or studio apartment, this solid wood drop-leaf table from Amazon will likely pique your curiosity. You can use it as a desk while studying, then transform it into a dining table for up to six guests when dinner arrives.

It’s hard not to love its modern farmhouse design, folding functionality, and X-shaped solid wood base for stability. It also boasts a generous 110-pound weight limit and a lifetime manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

Pemberly Extendable Walnut Dining Table

square extendable table - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  Many families desire a multi-purpose table they can use for any number of activities, and this Pemberly extendable walnut dining table might be the very piece to fulfill those preferences. It’s made to last thanks to its solid wood construction, and it has a hinged section with two extendable leaves you can pull out or tuck away depending on how many people the table will need to seat. Crossbars also support both leaves for strength, and it has four strong and stable legs for peace of mind.

Oak Selections Extendable Table

wood extendable table dropleaf 3 - The 20 Best Extendable Dining Tables for Small Spaces  Cater to all your friends and family with ease, courtesy of this oak wood dining table for eight. When you don’t have company, it can be a conservative table or desk tucked away in the corner of your home. However, adding the included 10-inch drop-leaf and 18-inch leaf can turn it into an expansive dining table for an entire family.

This gorgeous table features eco-friendly rubberwood, beautifully turned legs, and a picture-perfect finish to tie in with contemporary and classic homes.

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