The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023)

Spice organization can be a nightmare for the average passionate cook. You want everything to be within easy reach, but you don’t want a chaotic mess on your kitchen countertop, with spices taking up valuable meal preparation space.

Fortunately, some standout spice organizers exist that can’t help but impress with how orderly they are and their ease of installation in your home. These 20 spice organizers below are bound to pique your curiosity.

CupboardStore™ Under-shelf Spice Rack

fold down spice rack josephjoseph - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinFinding the right size spice organizer when you have limited space can be challenging, but this under-shelf spice rack from Joseph Joseph is all about utilizing wasted space. Rather than taking up bench space, you can install this rack underneath a shelf, where you typically wouldn’t store other kitchen goods.

It has an easy pull-out compartment, uses non-marking tape, and is suitable for ¾-inch-thick shelves. It also holds up to seven standard spice jars and is easy for most people to install themselves.

Promising review

“I have a tiny kitchen, and I was sick of fighting my way through the spices each time I needed something from a cupboard. This was really easy to install and is great for storing my spices properly. It’s better for the spice jars that are taller and slimmer as you can get more in.”
Lucy M

Brightroom™ Bamboo Expandable Spice Rack

3 tiered wood spice rack - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinRather than having your spice jars sitting randomly in a pile on your countertop, you might be able to add a sense of order with this bamboo expandable spice rack from Brightroom™. It has three tiers for maximum storage space, a stunning varnished bamboo finish, and an expandable design to allow for more or less space as you need. This spice rack is also easy to clean, attractive for any kitchen style, and keeps your spices within reach.

Promising review

“I have a very small space near the stove and wanted all my most-used spices within reach. This display has clean and simple lines, and the shelves are deep enough for pretty much any spice container. Very easy to expand when needed.”

Gneiss Spice Magnetic Pantry Kit

magnetic gneiss spice storage - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinWhether you have a stainless steel fridge or another metal appliance, you’ll enjoy turning it into a spice storage solution with this Gneiss spice magnetic pantry kit. It comes with 24 magnetic spice jars in hexagonal shapes that create a unique honeycomb shape when stuck onto metal surfaces.

The strength of the magnets means you don’t have to worry about them sliding down your fridge, and they take up no extra space in your kitchen for peace of mind. The glass jars are air-tight, dishwasher-safe, and have clear waterproof labels. You can use these labels on the lids or glass bottoms.

Promising review

“This was perfect for my small apartment. I’m an avid cook and baker and rely on great spices to fuel my passion. But with limited drawer and cabinet space, I couldn’t afford all my standard spices. Using the side of my refrigerator is a beautiful solution to space limitations, and the set comes with organic spices. How wonderful is that? The contents alone are worth more than this package costs. They also include clear labels for the bottom of each jar so that you don’t have to guess or pull it off the fridge to find what you need. Love this kit!”

Bekväm Spice Rack

bekvaem spice rack aspen - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinIf you only have a small number of spices and pantry essentials you use daily, you’ll likely jump at the chance to install this spice rack from IKEA on your kitchen wall. Not only is it beautiful with its solid aspen materials, but it’s a generously proportioned spice rack with space for spice jars, recipe books for baking and cooking, and other small items.

There’s also room to customize this spice rack as you see fit since you can sand and surface-treat as you please. Leave as it is, varnish it, sand it, or paint it. The sky’s the limit.

Promising review

“This spice rack is very easy to assemble and can be varnished, stained, or painted. I bought eight that I stained and varnished, then hung in a staggered pattern on the wall for all my spices and teas. I can see all my organized spices and teas at first look without having to search through layers, and they look attractive on the wall. It was a little tricky hanging them without a template.”

Spice Rack for Cabinet or Countertop (Set of 2)

cabinet mounted spice rack - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023)PinAnyone lacking storage space in their kitchen is bound to appreciate the convenience of this wall-mounted spice rack, which can also be free-standing. Set it up on your countertop if you have the space, or mount it to the wall or the cabinet door if you prefer. You can then keep your spice canisters, seasonings, and other household items within easy reach.

Promising review

“They fit inside two doors and keep the spices very handy to use. I especially like the fact it’s two units. Makes placement choices easy.”

Twillo Stadium Cabinet Spice Rack

corner tiered spice rack - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinPantry and cabinet corners can be frustrating to access, and you can’t help but lose items in their dark depths. That might not be an issue with this Twillo stadium cabinet spice rack.

It has three storage tiers at varying heights, ensuring all spices on all levels are easy to see at any one time. This spice rack is 10 x 14 x 4 inches to suit nearly any kitchen and boasts easy-clean plastic for convenience. The woven detailing in the bottom also prevents spices from moving around.

Promising review

“This is a really great spice rack, and I like the triangle design for the corners vs. typical square. I ended up buying two of these, put them in opposite corners of the cabinet, and keep my larger spice bottles in between.”

Clear Acrylic Spice Drawer Organizer

drawer inserts spice organizer - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinIf you have a disorganized drawer you typically throw spice jars and containers in, this clear acrylic spice drawer organizer is bound to catch your eye. It fits most drawers and cabinets and is expandable from 13 to 26 inches to suit your unique cabinet or drawer dimensions.

It comes with four tiers featuring high-quality and easy-clean plastic, and it has enough space for up to 56 four-ounce spice jars. The slanted levels also allow for quick and easy access to your spices, not to mention a beautifully aesthetic layout any organized cook is bound to enjoy.

Promising review

“This product was perfect for my needs. I’d been using a big drawer in my kitchen where the spice jars rolled around and spilled in the drawer. I didn’t measure my drawer, but with the width adjustment….it fit perfectly. Really thick and solid material too.”

3-Tier Spice Jar Organizer

free standing wood spice rack - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinSpice organization shouldn’t be complicated, and you won’t be saying it is if you have a 3-tier spice jar organizer. This assembly-free spice rack is free-standing for placement on a counter, in a pantry, or within a cabinet.

It comes with space for up to six spices on each of the three levels and boasts gorgeous bamboo materials for sustainability and aesthetics.

Promising review

“It is a straightforward product that allows spice jars of different heights to be placed in a compact space. It is quite functional. Does not need any mounting — just unfolds to set up quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.”
Douglas D Becker

Threshold™ 2-Tier Spice Rack

gold free standing spice rack - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinWho said spice organizers couldn’t be stylish? This 2-tier spice rack is all about style, storage, and solutions. The gold color scheme helps it suit both classic and contemporary kitchens, while the two tiers enable you to fit an abundance of spice bottles, jars, and containers. You can also pop this spice rack inside a cupboard, a pantry, or leave it on your kitchen bench.

Promising review

“It’s exactly as expected. I cook almost every day and like to have my favorite spices right at hand. This cute little rack makes that possible and super cute. I’ve already had it for months, and it looks brand new. Glad I bought it!”

Magnetic Spice Rack (Set of 4)

magnetic metal spice racks - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinWhen you lack cabinetry, drawers, and free wall space in your kitchen, you might assume you can’t buy a spice rack to house all your herbs and spices. However, as long as you have a fridge in your kitchen, as most people do, you can have this magnetic spice rack in a set of four.

These racks install easily on metal surfaces and can hold up to 11 pounds of weight. As a result, they’re suitable for herbs, spices, coffee, tea, cleaning supplies, craft supplies, and much more. As the racks themselves are magnetic, there’s no need to purchase magnetic tins separately.

The entire set of four can hold up to 12 bottles of spices, and you’re bound to appreciate keeping your countertops clutter-free.

Promising review

“I have these on the side of my freezer very near my stove. I use them to hold all my cooking spices. Super sturdy with VERY strong magnets. They have slots in the bottom so crumbs can fall through. They also have barriers at each end so the spices cannot slide off. Generously sized. I only needed 3 to hold my spices — time to shop for more! Worth the money!”

Tilt-Down Spice Rack

pull down spice rack - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinIf you find it hard to access your spice collection while cooking up a storm, set your sights on this tilt-down spice rack. This three-tier spice organizer is designed to fit on a shelf, sit on your countertop, or tuck away in your pantry, and it holds six spice jars on each of the three tilt-down shelves.

It boasts a contemporary silver-gray color scheme, has a beautiful finish to suit any home décor, and is easy to hand-wash with mild soap and water. Many people love this spice rack for how well it hides the spices but puts them in full view with one simple action.

Promising review

“This is nice and fits perfectly in my cabinet. Makes it easier to view the spices rather than moving them to see what is behind.”

2-Tier Revolving Spice Rack

revolving lazy susan spice storage - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinWhether you’re looking for a basic spice rack or cabinet organizers, your focus can’t help but be drawn to this 2-tier revolving spice rack. With a wider rack at the bottom and a narrower one on top, it has ample space for many different spice containers.

The wooden base is striking against the black metal frame, and the overall industrial vibe makes it a show-stopper in any contemporary home. Leave it on your countertop or store it in your panty, and it’s bound to make access to your spices much easier.

Promising review

“This is exactly what my partner and I were looking for! It rotates smoothly without moving around from where it was placed. It’s the perfect size to hold all of our spices!”

Yamazaki Slim Storage Cart With Handle

slim rolling cart - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinMake use of the wasted space between your appliances with this slim storage cart, courtesy of Yamazaki. This all-purpose steel cart is designed to hold all manner of kitchen essentials, like dry goods, spices, oils, and anything you reach for often.

It has four wheels for optimal mobility, boasts generous weight capacities for each of the three shelves, and is versatile for use in a bathroom, kitchen, office, or even a bedroom.

Promising review

“Fits in the space between my fridge & the wall perfectly. Looks so much nicer than the plastic ones. Very good quality product. Rolls nicely & holds most of my spices, oils & sherry/vinegars.”
Kelly Lane

Custom Made Hanging Spice Rack

spice shelving - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023)PinWhen cooking is your life, you want your spice rack to reflect your love for the kitchen and food. This custom-made hanging spice rack does.

It’s designed for installation on a wall or inside a pantry door and is a real show-stopper at 36 inches tall. However, they can also be custom-made to suit your unique height requirements. Round rods prevent spice jars from falling off the rack, and all are welded together with whichever metal color you like. You can even choose your own wood stain.

Promising review

“Absolutely love the spice rack. Easy to assemble and looks fantastic. Seems to be excellently constructed — very sturdy. Dillon was responsive to my messages and designed the rack exactly as I requested.”
Noah Kessler

Yamazaki Under Cabinet Spice Rack

TowerYamazakiHomeUnderShelfSpiceRackAndOrganizerForKitchenCabinetsSteelUndershelf - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023)PinIf you want your spices at eye level but are worried about taking up precious space in cabinets, an under-shelf or cabinet spice rack from Yamazaki might appeal. This strong, sturdy, and easy-to-install spice rack suits shelves up to 0.75 inches thick and can be installed underneath cabinets, utilizing previously wasted space. While they are designed for spice jars and bottles, you can also use them for other kitchen essentials like oils, spreads, jams, and more.

No assembly is required, and they come with a gray rubber mat to provide convenient grip for whatever you place on the rack.

Promising review

“This rack fits perfectly under my kitchen cabinets, and I use it to store salt, sugar, pepper, and chili. It looks nice and clean and keeps things right at your fingertips when cooking or prepping. Make sure you measure the length of the arms as well as the height between the two top bars to ensure it fits your cabinet thickness. I used this rack along with Yamazaki’s salt and sugar containers, and they fit just right, leaving excess space left over for a couple of other items. Definitely recommend.”
Winnie M.

Tower Carousel 12 Jar Self-Stacking Spice Jars

Tower Carousel spice jars - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023)PinMost spices aren’t designed to be stacked, which is frustrating when you have limited kitchen storage space. That’s why this 12-jar self-stacking spice jar set is such a popular kitchen addition. Rather than storing each spice individually, you can place them in these self-stacking containers and keep your kitchen more organized.

This spice rack set comes with 12 self-stacking acrylic spice bottles and a revolving base to make up the spice tower carousel. It weighs just 2.76 pounds and stands at 9.75 inches tall.

Promising review

“I think I have every spice and dried herbs known to man in my kitchen (I like to cook)! I especially like this spice carousel because of the size of the jars, and they can be rotated. I find I am using this tower to store my most used spices, including pink salt, pepper, and sugar. This is a great item!”

Criss Cross 18 Piece Spice Jar & Rack Set

wall mounted spice rack - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinSpice racks don’t just have to be functional. They can also be beautiful home décor, like this criss-cross 18-piece spice jar and rack set. With a combination of bamboo and glass, this spice rack stands out from the crowd, and it’s easy to install on a kitchen wall or set upright on a counter.

It comes pre-filled with a wide range of spices and seasonings within the 18 included jars, and each jar is also individually labeled for easy identification.

Promising review

“It’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s bamboo and well-constructed. It’s easy for me to get to my spices which is what I was looking for in a spice rack. I like the wide slots to sprinkle the spices with on the inner lid.”

Kamenstein Bamboo Wood Spice Rack With Cube Jars

wall mounted spice storage - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinSpices like cumin, cinnamon, rosemary, and oregano, can be more than just delicious meal additions. They can also be works of art in your kitchen, especially when contained within a bamboo wood spice rack with cube jars from Kamenstein.

This striking spice organizer is easily one of the best spice racks you’ll find, with 16 pre-filled cube jars with chrome caps, five years of free refills through the supplier, and removable sifter caps for easy refilling. It’s easy to install on your kitchen wall and provides convenient access to spices while you’re cooking up a storm.

Promising review

“It’s very attractive and well made. It works leaning back on its stand, or hung on a wall, and I like how easily the jars lift out for use. It comes with a variety of spices, which is very nice, but it would be ideal if you could pick from a selection of spices rather than just what is included. Other than that, its a very good, solid spice rack that I’m very pleased I bought.”

Pull-Out Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet

pull out spice racks - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023) PinWhen you use many different spices daily, like parsley, basil, cumin, and turmeric, trying to find them in the dark depths of your cupboards can be challenging. However, this pull-out spice rack organizer can be a game-changer for many people.

It’s a heavy-duty kitchen organizer that you can install in your kitchen cabinets by removing the sliding base and screwing it into the cabinet base. Once in place, you can slide each spice tray into place on ball bearings, add your spice jars, and enjoy effortless access to them at any time. As long as you have 7.7-inch-wide, 10.75-inch-deep, and 12-inch-high cabinets, you’re bound to find that this organizer ticks all the right boxes.

Promising review

“This really organized my spice cabinet! Completely put together in the box, you only have to screw it into the cabinet if you want to. I honestly didn’t, as long as you only pull out one at a time, it stays put. Fits a lot of spices. Three sections slide out easily so you can find the spice you are looking for. Sturdy! Just love it.”
Kirstein Howell

Torched Wood Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

TorchedWoodWall MountedSpiceRack - The 20 Best Spice Organizers According to Reviewers (2023)PinIf you have vintage, country-themed décor, this torched wood wall-mounted spice rack is bound to fit right in. It’s easy to install on the wall or set up on your kitchen counter, boasts gorgeous torched woodwork, and has four tiers to suit all manner of herbs, spices, and other kitchen essentials. It’s also of generous dimensions, so you’ll have no excuse not to buy more spices!

Promising review

“I love this spice rack. It is lightweight, wide enough shelves for various-sized items. I bought 2 of them for the inside of my pantry door of my tiny kitchen. Numerous problems solved!”