The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA

As the seasons change, so do interior designs, and you might already be considering giving your home a facelift as winter turns to spring. In that case, there’s no harm in checking out what’s hot this season.

With a nod to Scandinavian design, IKEA has launched stylish new products featuring organic, sustainable, and renewable materials. From recovered glass to fast-growing bamboo and even recycled fishing materials, there is an eclectic mix of materials being transformed into beautiful pieces for your home.

soedakra pendant lamp birch  1076713 pe856830 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA SÖDÅKRA – Pendant lamp, birch ($59.99). Enhance your dining space, kitchen, or living room with this stunning birch pendant lamp, designed by Monika Mulder. Each pendant lamp is unique and made from natural birch materials, and it can provide an amazing amount of lighting over any space. It’s also ideal for extra ambience in your home. Find it here.

finlemmad vase black  1030366 pe836233 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA FINLEMMAD – Vase, black ($12.99). This black FINLEMMAD vase is as eye-catching and unique as they come. It has a playful and elegant design, suits two flowers, and can be a statement piece on any window sill or dining table. Find it here.

risatorp basket pale blue  1021104 pe832053 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA RISATORP – Wire basket, pale blue ($14.99). Put your fresh produce or bits and pieces out on display in this gorgeous pale blue RISATORP wire basket. It has been tested and approved for food contact and consists of powder-coated steel with a striking birch veneer handle with clear acrylic lacquer. It could be the very accessory your kitchen counter is lacking. Find it here.

askmuller table lamp grey green  1043951 pe841844 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA ÅSKMULLER – Table lamp with LED bulb, gray-green ($27.99). This ÅSKMULLER table lamp with an LED bulb can make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, as it’s a modern and safe take on a traditional kerosene lamp. Add it to your side table and enjoy the warmth from the soft light. It also comes in a gorgeous grey and green colour scheme with a built-in dimmer for ambience. Find it here.

droenjoens wall storage with hooks white  1037037 pe838601 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA DRÖNJÖNS – Wall storage with hooks, white ($12.99). Give all the clutter in your home somewhere to live by investing in this DRÖNJÖNS wall storage with hooks. This sleek white storage solution with a basket, a shelf, and hooks provides plenty of space for accessories and clutter. Attach notes and pictures to the stretchy strap, and make use of the magnet on a flat surface. There is practical storage space for all manner of items. Find it here.

gradvis vase light pink  1030369 pe836236 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA GRADVIS – Vase, light pink ($4.99). This gorgeous GRADVIS light pink vase may be the very piece of home décor you need to add warmth and character to your house. The round shape, grooves, and subdued colouring are a match made in heaven, and they can’t help but enhance any flowers you have. Sit it on your window sill, kitchen table, or anywhere that suits you. Find it here.

knastrigt tealight holder gold colour lotus  0799818 pe767678 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA KNASTRIGT – Tealight holder, gold/Lotus ($4.99). Every table deserves to house something beautiful, and every home also deserves a statement piece. This stunning KNASTRIGT tealight holder could be it. It boasts a gorgeous gold colour scheme and is designed in a lotus shape. Find it here.

knopare hook green  1094794 pe863629 s5 1 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA KNOPARE – Hook, green ($1.29). Add a sense of order to your home’s entry or even the bathroom with these KNOPARE hooks. These striking and contemporary green hooks feature over 90 percent recycled materials from the fishing industry, such as ropes and nets. They withstand daily use, and the materials they’re made from can be recycled again. Find it here.

linanaes loveseat vissle dark gray  0962405 pe808064 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA LINANÄS – Loveseat, Vissle dark grey ($249.00). Add contemporary elegance to your living room, spare room, or office with this LINANÄS love seat. It’s available in a dark grey colour scheme and features durable VISSLE polyester dope-dyed fabric. The icing on the cake is the smooth weave and two-tone effect, which means it’s bound to suit your home’s décor with ease. Find it here.

naetade wire basket with handles black  1015948 pe830184 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA NÄTADE – Wire basket with handles, black ($9.99). Your bathroom counter, kitchen counter, or even your desk could benefit from this NÄTADE wire basket with handles. This contemporary black basket with felt pads as feet is an ideal storage solution for craft supplies, stationery, and other small items in need of a home. Find it here.

PH182932 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA SALUDING – Laundry basket, handmade bamboo ($39.99). Laundry baskets can be more than just practical; they can also be stylish, and SALUDING handmade bamboo laundry baskets are proof of that.

These handmade laundry baskets feature robust bamboo exteriors with inner bags for easy removal of dirty laundry. They hold up to 13 pounds of clothing and have feet to prevent moisture from being absorbed into the bamboo. Warm up your bedroom, bathroom, or laundry with this stunning basket. Find it here.

trolldom 3 piece bedlinen set for crib forest animal pattern multicolor  1008249 pe826860 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA TROLLDOM – 3-piece bedlinen set for crib ($14.99). Liven up your child’s bedroom with this TROLLDOM three-piece set of bed linen for a crib. They feature gorgeous patterns like forest animals and come with a duvet cover and pillowcase.

The soft cotton and viscose feel smooth against your skin, and the combination of materials allows moisture to be wicked away while maintaining an even temperature. This bed linen set is suitable for children aged one and over. Find it here.

trotten utility cart white  1021515 pe832163 s5 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA TROTTEN – Utility cart, white ($129.99). When you lack space in your kitchen or need something to move goods from one area to another, consider this TROTTEN utility cart. It’s available in a sleek white colour scheme and suits a variety of supplies and kitchen goods like coffee mugs, glasses, water, snacks, and more. With shelving, removable compartments, and four caster wheels, it’s as practical as they come. Find it here.

box ikea - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA INSVEP – Box with lid, set of 2, bamboo/turquoise ($11.99). Store and organise clutter and small accessories out of sight with this set of two handmade bamboo boxes with lids from INSVEP. These striking turquoise containers are available in different materials, shapes, and sizes and suit small accessories like jewellery, hair clips, and desk accessories. They each come with one basket and one lid. Find it here.

konstfull vase frosted glass green  1030417 pe836273 s5 1 - The Most Exciting 2022 Spring Arrivals From IKEA KONSTFULL – Vase, frosted glass/green ($4.99). This stunning KONSTFULL green frosted glass vase by Ilse Crawford is bound to be a show-stopper in any home. Each vase has been mouth-blown by skilled artisans, ensuring every one of them is unique. They also suit single flowers or entire bunches. Find it here.