Transforming box makes it possible for family of three to live in 215 square feet apartment

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Architect Angel Rico has turned a small 215 square feet (20 square meter) apartment into a living space that can accommodate a family of three and still have room for two overnight guests.

The big space-saver that makes this possible is a transforming modular box that contains the kitchen, a murphy bed and a bookcase/storage unit that also functions as a room divider.

my-apartment-5The modular box in closed position

my-apartment-3The storage modul functions as a space divider

my-apartment-6The fully functional kitchen

my-apartment-4 my-apartment-10The murphy bed in upright position

my-apartment-8The murphy bed is used by the son in the family.

my-apartment-2Over the bathroom is placed a loft bed that can be used for overnight guests.

my-apartment-1 The husband in the family isn’t a big fan of loft beds so the couple has chosen to sleep on a sofa bed in the living room.

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