These treepods give you the comfort of a tent and the floating experience of a hammock.

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The Colorado company TreePod – Hanging Habitats has launched their second Kickstarter campaign for their new products  The TreePod Lounger and Cabana that combine parts of a hammock, chair and tent to create the perfect hangout for inside or outside and offer a private relaxation nook for adults or children. They provide so much space that a user can lie down or sit in them. They are easy to assemble and can go from the beach, to the backyard, or even an office.

TreePod-A Spacious Hanging Retreat-1

“The Lounger and Cabana are designs that appeal to more people, are easier to get in and out of, and have more luxurious, appealing and comfortable materials and colors,” said TreePod founder Ricardo Bottome. “A big breakthrough on how to make this idea work was one day when I was running in Boulder and remembered the Magis Spun Chair I had seen at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. By angling the two rings and cutting the pattern to create a ‘waist’ I knew it would look great.”

TreePod-A Spacious Hanging Retreat-2The Lounger offers a private nook to relax for up to four people. The Cabana has mesh walls that allow air to circulate and to feel open to the outside, but also protects against the elements while keeping users cool.

TreePod-A Spacious Hanging Retreat-3 The TreePod Lounger and Cabana both include a fabric pod, a hand strap, frames, a quick link, a hanging rope, a guy-line, a stand, a cushion, a storage bag, a mosquito net, and a cover. The pods have the ability to hold up to 500 pounds.

TreePod-A Spacious Hanging Retreat-4 The two pods will be available for early adopters on Kickstarter for $140 for a 5 ft. hammock.