Win a night in the LEGO House and fall asleep surrounded by 25 million bricks

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For one night, the newly opened LEGO House in Denmark can become your family’s private playground. Airbnb and LEGO House have teamed up and are giving one family the chance to have the place to themselves for the night.

lego-house-airbnb-1During your stay you get the opportunity to direct your own LEGO movie, design cities and engineer robotic cars and send them flying over jumps. You also get to build your meal order out of bricks. Afterwards your lunch will be served by two friendly robot waiters.

lego-house-airbnb-7Your bedroom for the night will be floating in a pool of bricks underneath a 6-meter-tall LEGO waterfall.

lego-house-airbnb-8Everything around you is made out of LEGO bricks: armchairs, lamps, the alarm clock, the TV, your favorite story book, and even the cat.

lego-house-airbnb-6 lego-house-airbnb-5Parents are advised to wear LEGO-proof slippers at all times.

lego-house-airbnb-9 lego-house-airbnb-10 lego-house-airbnb-3Enter the contest here