The world’s smallest hotel offers pint-sized mid-century charm

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Located on top of a small café in Vesterbro neighbourhood of Copenhagen is the world’s tiniest hotel. Central Hotel has only one room (“Yes, your room number is 1”) but can accommodate as many as 2.0 quart-sized guests in the 1.0 beds that fit in the room.

worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-1worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-5The 12-m2 room pours on the charm to more than compensate for the Lilliputian size. The hotel’s owner, Leif Thingtved, is a former theatre technician and designed and built the room with Danish hygge in mind. He certainly accomplished his mission. The room has a lovely mid-century feel (the 20th, in case you are lost in time). Most of the furniture is made from recycled wood from a former staircase, but the two chairs, according to legend, have been repurposed from an old phone booth in a train station.

worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-6worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-4worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-7The compact room includes a double bed, a bathroom with a shower, a well-stocked mini-bar, a flat-screen television that can be hidden and a sound system. Central Hotel also provides two bicycles so that guests can test out Copenhagen, one of the most cycling-friendly cities in the world, and an iPhone filled with data about the area.

worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-9worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-8worlds-smallest-hotel-1worlds-smallest-hotel-2worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-10worlds-smallest-hotel-copenhagen-central-11The stay also includes a delicious breakfast from Café Granola half a block away; guests can enjoy it in the bustling café or have it served in their room. The price for all this loveliness is 2,100 Danish kroner per night (that’s about $300).