The world’s thinnest folding table and chair system can be stored on the wall

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Space-saving furniture has always had a devoted fan base and as the tiny house movement gained momentum, folding furniture became a staple of small space solutions. While its versatility and multi-functionality can hardly go unnoticed, the pieces that actually contribute to the room aesthetic are not that easy to find. Dedicated to those who want to free up their space in a matter of seconds, Snap Jack is the new table and chair folding system that offers the best of both worlds.

Table and chairs in stowed away position

Its slender design will fit even the smallest of spaces and its sturdy build and adaptability indicate this piece is here to stay. The chairs and table are automatically aligned and snapped to the wooden frame via magnetic safety latches, making it easy for anyone to handle.

With a total depth of 54mm (2.12″), it’s the world’s thinnest designer folding table and chair wall storage system, making it almost impossible to discern it from a wooden picture frame when mounted on the wall. Passionate art lovers will be thrilled to know that each set can be customized with limited edition prints by legendary stencil artist, Flox, which are bound to add to your living space’s beauty.

The system is designed to be modular so that each piece can be bought separately or as a part of a set, customized to meet your needs. It comes in several different sets: a table (small or large), one chair or a set of chairs, a small or large set of table and
chairs – you can even add layers to the existing set – they will only take up an additional 27mm of space!

It’s designed to withstand 250kg (551lb) and over 100kg (220lbs) on the table and chairs, respectively. With that kind of design and durability, it comes as no surprise that Snap Jack has been shortlisted as a finalist for the New Zealand 2017 Best Design Awards.

Snap Jack is designed and manufactured by Living With Jack, a minimalist product design studio based in Auckland, New Zealand, that specializes in space-saving furniture. To learn more visit Living With Jack’s Kickstarter campaign here