Professor Dumpster launches affordable micro apartments for urban dwellers

The best ideas often spring from unanticipated sources and the tiny smart home Kasita is no exception. When Jeff Wilson aka Professor Dumpster spent a year living in a used dumpster, a social experiment that reduced the definition of “home” to a 33 square foot extreme, a concept emerged.

While the dumpster was, in many ways, an impractical dwelling, there were a surprising number of perks: it could move anywhere; rent was low; commutes were short; and the local neighborhood became an intimate living room.

As the experiment drew to a close, Wilson took what he’d learned and returned to the drawing board where Kasita came to life, a new category of home that married iconic design and pioneering technology with insights gleaned from a trashcan.

Interior From Hallway Bed Slides Out From Under CouchThe Kasita is 208 square feet with 10-foot ceilings and is designed to not only feel spacious and full of light, but to be fully equipped with all the amenities you would find in a traditional home or apartment—and then some. In addition to a walk-in shower, refrigerator, and convection oven the design team have also thrown in a dishwasher, washer/dryer combo, cooktop, and a queen size bed that easily tucks away out of sight (without having to even make it).

Interior Kithen Bath LaundryYour Kasita will welcome you home by 
adjusting the A/C, bringing up the 
lights and shades, and queueing your favorite playlist. Or, ask your Kasita to do something else (like rolling 
out the bed) via hands-free voice commands throughout.

Interior TilesKasita’s unique tile system allows for virtually infinite customizations and options for the home while maintaining order and function.

Interior View From Glass Cube Bed Slides Out From Under CouchAUSTIN DOWNTOWN CESAR CHAVEZThe best part (in my humble opinion) is that the apartments are expected to rent at half of the market rate for a studio. The company expects to have Kasitas on the ground in Austin in 2016 and they are exploring rollout in ten additional cities (including one international city) starting in 2017.AUSTIN DOWNTOWN SEAHOLMSpend your money on life — not rent. Through partnerships with local entities, Kasita will rent units at about half the market rate of a studio apartment. In Downtown Austin, that’s about $600 a month.AUSTIN DOWNTOWN HOPEKasita is the smallest home built for the city. Its tiny size presents almost limitless opportunities for location.


    1. Dweller October 19, 2015 at 11:31 pm

      Love the idea, but with so little space won’t the renter end up spending a good chunk of change on storage?


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