This beautiful sequoia pod-on-wheels is looking for a good home

This bespoke pod-on-wheels was built by Stephen Mackay and is named “Bella.” Stephen Mackay is a qualified furniture/cabinet maker and carpenter who got bored with the conventional style of buildings and decided to build a dwelling that was both stunning and practical.

sequoia-pod-on-wheels-1-1500x1279 (1)The hand crafted pod is constructed of sequoia, a strong and lightweight wood. The resins in sequoia render the wood resistant to both insects and rot, making it perfect for external use. Each board has been carefully hand selected to bring a diverse selection of shades, giving the overall appearance a beautiful mellow nut-brown that changes to a breathtaking warm golden colour when exposed to the sunlight.sequoia-pod-on-wheels-2-1500x994Unlike standard oak flooring that can look quite similar, all Bella’s solid oak boards are taken from a diverse selection of trees and so offer a magnificent mixture of grain patterns. Each board has its own unique style and charm. The oil used brings out the true beauty and really emphasizes the wood’s natural characteristics, providing a warm and rich effect that makes the interior look luxurious and elegant. 
sequoia-pod-on-wheels-3-1500x1045The front and back wall are a Japanese ply that has a staggering WOW factor of grain patterns that complement the oak central table and two sofas. The latter simply drop down to make a comfortable double bed, not to mention the attractive open/close round window that establishes a gorgeous centrepiece.
sequoia-pod-on-wheels-4-1500x994sequoia-pod-on-wheels-5-1500x994sequoia-pod-on-wheels-11-1500x1125The doors in the kitchenette are Shaker style with oak veneered panels which, when opened, offer a large amount of storage space with assorted shelf sizes. There are also three sizeable drawers. Bella has a full size sink and a two hob gas cooker; there is a socket in place for any electrical add-ons you may require for your kitchen. 
sequoia-pod-on-wheels-12-1500x1125sequoia-pod-on-wheels-13-1500x1125sequoia-pod-on-wheels-15sequoia-pod-on-wheels-14The wood burning stove offers a striking focal point. When lit, it will fill the room with a warm glow, adding a lovely cosy presence to the room. Enjoy a glass of wine with the fire burning and wood crackling. 
sequoia-pod-on-wheels-6-1500x863sequoia-pod-on-wheels-7-1500x838Bella has a perfect sized porch area for children’s playtime, pets’ beds, coat hooks, boot racks, extra table/storage, a welcome mat… Or, you could simply pull up a chair, relax and enjoy the outdoors. The solid oak floor takes you all the way through the practical and stylish stable door into the sleek, well thought out interior. 
sequoia-pod-on-wheels-8The bow top structure is built-up of laminates glued together using state of the art structural engineering glue. The walls are 50mm thick. Bella is fully insulated in floor, walls and ceiling and has a waterproof breather membrane for added protection. The external timber has been treated with 2 coats of UV resistant Osmo oil that will maintain the natural colour of the wood. It has a microporous finish which does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Also, it is dirt resistant and moisture regulating. The internal wood is treated with 2 coats of Danish oil protecting, nourishing and ‘feeding’ the wood from the inside. It has excellent long-term protective properties and a delectable finish. The floor and table have Osmo hard wax oils which are hard wearing and durable. The walls, floor and ceiling have been glued with professional adhesive to add extra rigidity. 
sequoia-pod-on-wheels-9-1500x1124The little pod is built on a solid reconditioned steel A-frame with dampened individual suspension units. 
sequoia-pod-on-wheels-16Bella is located in the UK and her purchase price is £16,500.  If you’re interested please contact: [email protected]


    1. TomLeeM July 1, 2015 at 2:09 pm

      I think that is really nice looking. I wish I had the space for it and the money to buy it.


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