17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021)

Everyone deserves to have somewhere comfortable to eat their daily meals, but small homes can make it tricky. While you may not be able to have permanent seating for an entire family, there’s no reason why you can’t have at least a small space to sit. Any of these table ideas for small kitchens below may suit your needs perfectly.

wall mounted table - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) BJURSTA wall-mounted drop-leaf table ($39.00). The BJURSTA wall-mounted drop-leaf table is ideal for any compact dining area. This functional IKEA table features a black color scheme and installs on your wall with a drop-leaf design when not in use. It suits small spaces, works well with classic or contemporary homes, and pairs with two chairs or bar stools. You can also mount it at whichever height fits your chairs. Find it here.

81wKPmZiz L. AC SL1500  - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Bistro Table with Faux Marble Top ($244.34). Every home needs a show-stopper piece, and yours could be this bistro table with a faux white marble finish. It’s a striking piece with a gold base, black stem, and white top with a unique design. This pedestal-style table has space to seat up to three people for light meals. Find it here.

919PAEfkEEL. AC SL1500  - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Oscar Mid-Century Style Dining Table ($373.18). When you have less space to work with than other people, you may think you need to resort to unattractive furniture. However, this mid-century dining table from Oscar proves that’s not the case. This gorgeous wooden table for three diners with walnut wood and tapered legs suits any space. The natural walnut finish also has authentic-looking wood grain patterns. Find it here.

43394279 010 b - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Haskall Breakfast Bar ($329.00). Eat your morning meal in style, courtesy of this breakfast bar sold by Urban Outfitters. This Indian-crafted dining set comes with two comfort-moulded stools and a breakfast bar boasting natural mango wood and lacquered iron legs. It’s solid, attractive, and can be used against a wall or as a kitchen island. Find it here.

Brandt31.5DiningTable - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Brandt Red Metal Dining Table ($209.99). You might think that a kitchen table for small spaces has to have leaves and tucks or be an expandable table, but that’s not the case. This square table is small enough to suit a tiny space without needing to have a folding design. The tabletop stands out with a vibrant red paint and has room for up to four chairs. Find it here.

Sitka 36  Round Dining Table Amber 1 - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Sitka Round Dining Table ($774.24). While drop-leaf tables are becoming popular in small spaces, tiny tables that you can pair with benches or chairs are also still preferred. This round dining table with a stunning Danish mid-century design can’t help but win you over. It’s striking with its amber finish and solid Moso bamboo and can be paired with any dining chairs of your choosing. Find it here.

DangeloCounterHeight36DiningTable - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Dangelo Counter-height Dining Table ($309.99). When your home lacks storage space, having a dining table that’s more than somewhere to sit and eat is crucial. This counter-height dining table has much more to offer than meets the eye. It’s a striking white dining table for modern homes with space for up to two people to sit. However, it also has storage space for table linens, cookbooks, and other cooking accessories. Find it here.

drop leaf table 1 - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Cecelia Drop-leaf Solid Wood Dining Table ($219.99). Add class, elegance, and style to your formal dining rooms or any part of your home with this gorgeous drop-leaf rubberwood dining table. It has four turned legs in a dark wood finish, a simple round top, and drop leaves to suit small spaces. It’s the perfect kitchen or dining room addition for dining, meal prep, cocktails, or the display of your favorite photos and vases. Find it here.

Glitzhome Farmhouse Industrial Elm Wood Top Steel Dining Table - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Industrial Elm Wood Dining Table ($160.64). When you’re looking for a small table to enhance your interior design, this beautiful rustic wood and black steel one may fit the bill. It suits up to two diners and has a beautiful solid elmwood tabletop with natural wood grain. The steel frame also adds to its appeal, along with its conservative dimensions, making it suitable for quaint breakfast nooks in any home. Find it here.

GUEST f2af144e d9f4 4780 a2ee b3a0f67ca530 - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Mid-Century Square Dining Table ($152.99). This Scandinavian-style table can’t help but stand out. It has a lovely mid-century modern design with a sleek white and wood color scheme. The conservative dimensions of this table even mean that it’s ideal for a narrow space, such as a kitchen or quaint dining room. Find it here.

HannisCounterHeight23.5PedestalDiningTable - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Hannis Counter-height Pedestal Dining Table ($146.99). This counter-height pedestal has a sleek, elegant design, metal frame, and bamboo panels. The tiny table also stands quite high so that it can sit between two bar stools or independently anywhere in your home. However, you can also adjust the height by adding or removing a steel shaft. Find it here.

wall table - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Wall-mounted dining table ($129.99). Save space and have extra storage simultaneously, courtesy of this wall-mounted dining table with storage compartments and an extra-thick tabletop. It’s available in a lovely rustic and white color scheme and has hinges to let you fold it up or down. This table would suit studio apartments, dorm rooms, or standard homes with empty space on the walls to make use of. Find it here.

Moorcroft27PedestalDiningTable - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Moorcroft Pedestal Dining Table ($159.99). This round pedestal table offers flexibility and a small footprint. You can adjust the bar height to 30 inches or 42 inches to suit your unique needs and position it anywhere in your home, including the corner of the room. This contemporary table also features a striking black color scheme, robust metal base, and warming brown tabletop. Find it here.

norden roenninge table and 2 chairs birch birch  1051003 pe844953 s5 - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) NORDEN Gateleg table ($199.00). Dining tables don’t tend to offer storage or suit small spaces, but this NORDEN gateleg table from IKEA is different. It’s a functional small kitchen table for up to four diners but also has storage space consisting of six drawers for table linens, utensils, and more. This lovely birch dining table with Scandinavian styling is the perfect addition to your tiny space. Find it here.

wall table 1 - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table ($122.99). Dining tables can take up a lot of valuable space in a small home, but that’s not the case with this wall-mounted drop-leaf table from Wayfair. This smooth black or white table is easy to install on a wall and folds down when you’re not using it. You can dine at it, study, or do whatever you please before folding it in half and pressing it against the wall. Find it here.

MaytonCounterHeight42.9DiningTable - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Mayton Counter-height Dining Table ($139.99). This functional counter-height dining table is bound to surprise you with how many uses it has. You can use it as a dining table or pub table, or even somewhere you carry out meal prep or sit serving dishes. It has thick legs with reinforced bars, adjustable feet for uneven flooring, and a warm wood top. Purchasers are also bound to enjoy the three wood shelves for extra storage of dinnerware, cookbooks, pans, pots, and more. Add two bar stools and let it sit pride of place in any studio apartment. Find it here.

Carson Carrington Varviken 31.5 inch Cafe Table - 17 of the best small kitchen table ideas (2021) Carson Carrington Cafe Table ($286.89). This small round table is a head-turner in every sense of the word. It’s a modern, round café table with a gorgeous high-gloss white finish, beveled top edge, and mid-century inspiration. The molded stem base gives it a retro vibe, while the stark white color scheme allows it to suit modern homes. Find it here.

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