33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas

Storing your everyday possessions can actually be quite complicated if your home is small or lacks free space. Short of selling up and moving somewhere bigger, you might think you don’t have many options. However, with so many small space storage ideas hitting the market, you may have more than you think. Here are just a few of the many excellent options that might suit your home.

An over-the-sink dish rack saves valuable space and can  double as shelving

37in. Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack Over Kitchen Sink Dishes and Utensils Drying Shelf Kitchen Storage Countertop Organizer 08bd1fba 128f 4b41 a03d 555a4844c87e 1000 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Over-the-sink dish rack. There are few things as frustrating as a cluttered kitchen bench, but this over-the-sink dish rack might change that. It sits neatly over your sink with storage space for a cutting board, utensils, dish cleaning products, dishes, bowls, and more. It does this while taking up minimal space itself.  CHECK PRICE

Hang Your Cups on the Wall

Wall rack for cups - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Wall rack. Save cabinet space by putting your favorite mugs on display. This wall rack features a striking black color scheme and comes with ten hanging spaces for cups. It also tucks neatly under cabinets.  CHECK PRICE

Use Your Bathroom Door as Storage

6 Basket Over the Door Organizer White - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas 6-Basket Over-the-Door Organiser. The homes of large families can sometimes seem quite cluttered, but that doesn’t have to be the case in your bathroom. This over-the-door organizer with six baskets can make sure everyone’s bathroom items are kept safe, secure, and within easy reach.  CHECK PRICE

Keep Your Grocery Bags on the Cabinet Door for Easy Access

KitchenCabinetDoorOrganizer - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Over-cabinet-door bag organizer. Give your plastic bags a permanent place to live with this over-cabinet-door bag organizer that can be installed over cabinet doors for easy access.  CHECK PRICE

Stack Your Cans

can holder 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Compact can dispensers. Cans can take up quite a considerable amount of room in a cupboard while also being hard to access. Rather than stack them upwards, use a compact can dispenser to access them easily sideways. This set of two slim bins is suitable for cupboards and fridges and distributes each can as you need it.  CHECK PRICE

Mount a Rack to the Inside of Your Cabinet Door

ClosetMaid Silver Chrome Steel 6 hook Towel Rack e2de5e5d f497 4731 9929 9f776a80231e 1000 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas ClosetMaid 6-hook towel rack. Rather than stuffing towels into drawers, invest in this six-hook towel rack. It’s designed to be installed on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door. You can hang up to six towels or items from it and hang one over the rail for easy access.  CHECK PRICE

Display Your Books on Floating Corner Shelves

corner shelves 2 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Lauren Bookshelf. Bookshelves can be large and cumbersome – exactly the opposite of what you have room for in a small home. This space-saving bookshelf can be a game-changer. It consists of six poplar wood 12 x 10-inch floating shelves that mount flush to your wall. Install them wherever you like, and pile your books up to maximize the available space.  CHECK PRICE

Store Seasonal Clothing and Extra Blankets in Vacuum Storage Bags

space saver - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Vacuum storage bags. You don’t need all clothing and blankets at all times, so save space with vacuum storage bags. These bags offer an 80% space-saving design and suit clothing, pillows, blankets, and more. With a two-in-one patent valve, there’s also no need to use a pump.  CHECK PRICE

Save Drawer Space With a Compact Cutlery Tray

cutlery storage 1 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Joseph Joseph compact cutlery organizer. Struggling with a lack of drawer space? This Joseph Joseph compact cutlery organizer comes to the rescue. Due to its unique angles, you can store an entire set of cutlery in less than half the space of a standard tray. It also comes with cutlery icons and an easy-clean design.  CHECK PRICE

Get 3 Functions in One With a Storage Ottoman That Doubles as a Table

ottoman with tray 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Weathered storage ottoman. Even though this weathered storage ottoman looks like a comfortable spare seat, it’s much more. The lid can flip over to reveal a serving tray, and there is also plenty of space within for blankets, board games, and more. It can be a multi-functional piece in any home.  CHECK PRICE

Store Cleaning Supplies on the Inside (Or Outside) Of Your Cabinet Doors

over cabinet door - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Over-cabinet-door organizer bin. Add a sense of order to your home with this over-cabinet-door organizer bin. Rather than leave cleaning supplies lying around or stuffed into cupboards, you can organize them neatly inside organizer bins. These large-capacity holders come ready to hang and don’t need any drilling or hardware.  CHECK PRICE

Use the Space Above Your Toilet

over toilet storage 1 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Over-the-toilet storage cabinet. There is a lot of wasted space around and above your toilet. Put it to use with this over-the-toilet storage cabinet. It’s as elegant as they come with a dark, rich wood finish and glass-front doors. It also has plenty of space for toilet paper, cleaning products, and more.  CHECK PRICE

Keep Your Entryway Clear With Over-The-Door Storage

over the Door Entry Kit - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Over the door storage. Always have everything you need to leave the house close by with this vertical hanging storage solution that features two baskets and two shoe racks.  CHECK PRICE

Add Corner Shelves to Your Kitchen for Extra Storage

corner shelves 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Wall shelves. Don’t clutter up your kitchen counters when you can invest in wall shelves, instead. These five-tier storage shelves can install on the corner of your bench, leaving your work surfaces free for meal prep. Their rustic design and zigzag shape make them stand out for the right reasons.  CHECK PRICE

Hang Your Bedtime Essentials on Your Bed

bedside storage 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Bedside caddy. Create extra storage that won’t take up room on your bedside table or nightstand; Perfect for storing magazines, books, smartphones, reading glasses, headphones, e-readers, notebooks, and pens; The rounded front pocket is perfect for holding water bottles and other beverages.  CHECK PRICE

A Slim Storage Tower Offers Lots of Storage and a Small Footprint

rolling kitchen storage 1 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Slim 3-tier slide-out pantry. Use up every nook and cranny in your kitchen with this slim three-tier slide-out pantry. It’s a rack on wheels with three shelves and four side hoops for even more storage space. Each shelf is strong and designed to hold a wide range of kitchen essentials.  CHECK PRICE

Optimize Cabinet Space With an Organizer

CornerKitchenCabinetOrganizer - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Cabinet organizer. Rather than stacking your cabinets until they’re not functional, invest in a cabinet organizer. This steel corner organizer shelving rack allows you to organize upwards rather than outwards. It also provides easy access to plates, bowls, and more, while giving you more usable space to enjoy.  CHECK PRICE

Combine Shelving and a Towel Rail in the Bathroom

shelf towel holder 1 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas 2-tier shelf with towel bar. Most people have a towel rail and separate storage shelf in the bathroom, but this product combines the two into one. It’s a two-tier shelf with a towel bar installed at the bottom. This robust accessory is ideal for homes and RVs and comes with enough space for bathroom supplies like toilet paper, soap, hair products, cleaning products, and more.  CHECK PRICE

Fit Twice as Many Shoes in the Same Space With Shoe Slot Organizers

shoe storage 1 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Shoe slot organizers. Shoes can take up so much space, but they don’t have to if you buy this white double-layer shoe slot organizer. This 10-piece set lets you store pairs of shoes in half as much space as before. They are three-position flexible to suit different shoe types and sit neatly on most shoe shelves.  CHECK PRICE

Store Your Shoes in an Ottoman

shoe storage ottoman 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Tufted shoe storage bench. Shoes can look quite cluttered in any home, regardless of whether you have a shoe stand or not. However, this tufted shoe storage bench makes a considerable difference. You can hide your shoes inside the wooden bench with its partitioned interior for convenience. The padded lid also makes it a comfortable seat.  CHECK PRICE

Add Extra Storage to Your Home With a Lift-up Bed

storage bed 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Dark grey upholstered storage bed. Don’t overload your closets when your bed can be a form of storage. Invest in this dark grey upholstered storage bed, and your closets can be clutter-free. It’s a fully upholstered platform bed that comes with a generous amount of space underneath, an easy assembly process, and a five-year warranty.  CHECK PRICE

Combine Seating and Storage in Your Entryway

storage bench 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Upholstered storage bench. Add style and functionality to your entryway with this gorgeous dark walnut and grey upholstered storage bench. It boasts four faux drawers in the front and a lift-top lid. The upholstered cushion also means it’s a comfortable seat while you put on your shoes.  CHECK PRICE

Use Multi-Functional Furniture With Built-in Storage

storage stools 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Farmhouse storage stools/tables. Furniture can do more than one thing, which these Farmhouse storage stools and tables prove. While they look like stools and a table with a warm honey finish, removable pine lid, and rustic metal, they are much more. They are also forms of storage. Just remove the lids and fill them with items.  CHECK PRICE

Go Vertical

tiered bathroom storage - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas 3-tier storage tower with baskets. With limited space in a bathroom, you need tall storage solutions. This three-tier storage tower with baskets ticks all those boxes. It features three large storage bins set within a white wood frame. It’s suitable for toilet paper, facial scrubs, hair products, and more. You could even use it in the kitchen for produce.  CHECK PRICE

Stack Your Towels on the Wall

towel holder 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas 6-tier towel rack. Why stuff your towels in a cupboard with your linen when you can store them on your bathroom wall? This towel rack has six vertical arms in a tiered fashion to hold up to six towels. It’s easy to assemble and suits most small towels. You can even use it to house wine bottles in the kitchen.  CHECK PRICE

Take Advantage of the Space Under Your Bed

under bed storage - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Rolling under-bed storage set of 4. You don’t have to let the area under your bed be a form of dust bunny accommodation. It can also be where you find extra storage space. This set of four rolling under-bed storage is an ideal solution to your storage woes. All four containers come with clear, indexed lids and colorful latches.  CHECK PRICE

Mount Utensil Carousels Under the Kitchen Cabinet

utensil holder 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Under-cabinet utensil carousel. Don’t rustle around in kitchen drawers looking for the potato masher when you can keep it in plain sight. This anti-rust plastic under-cabinet utensil carousel allows you to hang up to six utensils near your food preparation area. They then rotate 360 degrees for easy access.  CHECK PRICE

Get More Mileage Out of Your Closet With Hanger Organizers

wardrobe 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Clothes hangers. Fit more clothing in your closet and on each hanger with these unique clothing hangers. This set of three stainless-steel hangers has enough space for at least three or four garments on each.  CHECK PRICE

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Hang Your Pot and Pans on the Wall

pot rack - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas 2 kitchen rails with 20 S Hooks. Always have the pots, pans, and utensils you need close at hand with this kitchen rail. It comes with 20 S hooks and is easy to install on a wall in your kitchen for easy access.  CHECK PRICE

Mount Magnetic Shelving to Your Fridge

Plate Magnetic Spice Rack White 549fa875 3adf 494b a574 b09528749286 1000 1 - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Magnetic spice rack. There never seems to be a convenient place to house spices. Well, not until now. This magnetic spice rack adheres to most metal surfaces, including the door of your fridge. The protective rail keeps them in place while not preventing you from reading their labels.  CHECK PRICE

Hang Your Wine Glasses Under a Shelf or Cabinet

wine glass storage - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Under-cabinet stemware rack. Say goodbye to risky cabinet storage with this under-cabinet stemware rack. Stored on their own, they stand a much better chance of lasting the distance. One stainless-steel rack has enough space for 6-8 glasses in two rows. Install it under your shelf with ease, and enjoy easy access.  CHECK PRICE

Tiered Shelving Saves Space on the Kitchen Counter

Shelving Rack - 33 Brilliant Small Space Storage Ideas Shelving rack. Kitchen counters rarely have enough storage space, but they can if you invest in a two-tiered shelving rack. This one can be used in right and left-hand corners with ease. It features stainless steel, an easy-clean design, and generous storage space on top and underneath.  CHECK PRICE

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