35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count

A tiny bedroom or a small space for sleeping can be a nightmare for any homeowner or renter. You still have the same needs as anyone else, but you must make sacrifices due to the limited storage space and restricted floor plan.

While a small room can present many challenges, there are equally as many solutions. Here are some of the best small bedroom ideas that help you make every inch count!

Invest in a Multi-Purpose Bed With a Built-in Closet

bed built in close - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count If you live in a dorm room or have limited space in your bedroom, a multi-purpose bed with a built-in closet might tick all the boxes for your needs. Rather than buying separate pieces of furniture when you have such a limited floor plan to work with, you can buy a bed that has everything built into one.

Generally, such beds come with closets built into the foot of the bed, with convenient storage underneath. The closets can also function as dividers between two siblings’ spaces who might be squabbling about sharing a bedroom! There are options galore for how to take care of your storage needs without using too much precious space. Photo: IKEA/PLATSA Bed frame

Construct a Rope and Pulley System for Your Wardrobe

create a raisable wardrobe that can be rolled up when not in 304aa0e3aa261f7a5fe90f54dfe7e3e2 - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count We take it for granted that every bedroom has a closet, but that’s not always the case. If your bedroom lacks a wardrobe, but you desperately need one for your clothing, a rope and pulley system might come to the rescue.

All you need are some curtain rods, rings, and rope, and you’ve got a straightforward storage solution that takes up no precious space in your bedroom. A rope and pulley system can also be convenient for clothes drying and those times when your wardrobe is full to bursting, but you’re not quite ready to clear the clutter. Photo: IKEA/KRÄCKA Curtain rod

Use Under-Bed-Storage as a Pull-Out Bedside Table

under bed storage nightstand - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Many people struggle with clutter, especially when it makes houses look untidy. You can solve the problem of clutter in your bedroom by using any under-bed storage space you have with a pull-out side table.

Rather than filling up all the available space under your bed with sealed containers, purchase a specially-designed short table that tucks away neatly under your side of the bed. When you’ve finished with your book for the evening, you can place it on the table and tuck it away out of sight. Photo: IKEA/FREDVANG Underbed storage – bedside table

Mount a Leaning Shelf Over Your Bed

over bed shelving - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Not having enough space for a simple nightstand can be frustrating, especially when you want somewhere nice to store your favorite trinkets in your bedroom. However, you can still have storage in your personal space if you invest in a leaning over-the-bed storage shelf. They look like a bed headboard, but they’re so much more. These storage shelves lean over the top of your bed and provide out-of-the-way storage for all your favorite things. Photo: Urban Outfitters/Leaning Over-The-Bed Storage Queen Headboard

 Gain extra storage space with bed risers

bed riser - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count You might love your bed frames, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most convenient option for your tiny bedrooms. If you don’t have enough storage space underneath your bed due to short bed frames, consider investing in bed risers.

These elevate beds with legs safely and provide a considerable amount of new storage space that wasn’t previously available. You can now invest in under-bed storage solutions and clear the clutter throughout your home for good. Photo: Overstock/Carbon Steel Bed Risers

Create a Headboard of Shoe Cabinets

six white ikea trones shoe cabinets are wall mounted to create headboard - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count It’s not always easy finding a headboard you like. You might want one that has storage, but you might need one to match wooden furniture, contemporary furniture, or a specific paint scheme.

In that case, why not create your own? Solve your storage woes and enjoy a headboard you like by crafting one from shoe storage cabinets. You can stack them on top of each other, fill them with items that generally appear as clutter around your home, and decorate them with LED light strips and other fun accessories. The sky’s the limit when you go down the DIY route. Photo: IKEA/TRONES Shoe storage cabinet

Hang Your Chairs on the Wall

two foldable chairs hanging on a wall beside a bed a57e03a398e702fe5999090434e0e6e7 - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Many furniture manufacturers now offer folding tables for sale, which are tables that you install on your wall and fold down when you need to use them. They save a great deal of space, but where are you supposed to put your chairs? Well, you could always hang them on the wall. Purchase strong hooks designed to hold the weight capacity of folding chairs, and you’ve got an immediate space-saving solution. Photo: IKEA/KÄMPIG Hook

Install Cabinets Over Your Bed

cabinets over bed - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count When you think of bedroom storage, you might picture a new dresser or wardrobe for all your clothing, knick-knacks, and prized possessions. However, these take up valuable floor space in a tiny bedroom.

Instead, why not install cabinets over your bed? They take up no usable space, yet they provide you with a significant amount of storage space you never had before. Just ensure you’ve got an experienced DIYer on hand to assist with their installation for safety reasons. Photo: IKEA/IVAR Cabinet

Store Your Stuff on the Ceiling

Ceiling storage over bed - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Add character and storage to your bedroom by installing a couple of clothes bars on the ceiling and hiding the solution with a beautiful bed canopy. Make sure that everything is securely fastened! Photo: IKEA/MULIG Clothes bar

Use the Empty Space Over a Dresser for a Clothes Bar

clothes bar over dresser - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count If your bedroom doesn’t have a wardrobe, there’s no need to panic! You have plenty of options at your disposal for clothes hanging. One of the most inventive options is hanging a clothing bar above your dresser and using the empty space.

You can hang clothes on this bar you plan on wearing the next day or even hang clothing to air-dry. You might even see the value in this space for hanging clothes you plan to wear again rather than washing them unnecessarily. Installing a clothes bar is reasonably straightforward, and you can make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. Photo: IKEA/Malm Dresser

Sew Pockets Onto Your Curtains From Leftover Textiles

curtain with storage pockets - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count While certainly unconventional, there’s no denying that giving your curtains their own pockets can be an inventive and helpful storage solution for small spaces. If you have leftover fabric from creating your curtains or altering them, you can fashion pouches at a convenient height. And as they’re the same fabric as the curtains, they blend in!

This storage solution is particularly helpful in bedrooms for those everyday essentials like hairbrushes, jewelry, hair clips, and even your slippers for first thing in the morning. Photo: IKEA

Store Seasonal Clothing and Bedding in Empty Cushion Covers and Use Them as Decor

cushion cover stuffed with seasonal clothing - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count It can be depressing looking at all the home design ideas on the internet, only to realize your conservative floor plan makes most of them impossible. You might have a small home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home.

Combine storage with décor, and you’ve got a recipe for success. For example, if you have seasonal clothing you need to store, fold or roll the clothing inside empty cushion covers. They can add a pop of color to any neutral space and simultaneously function as much-needed storage space. Photo: IKEA/GULLKLOCKA Cushion cover

A Floating Nightstand Saves Valuable Floor Space

floating cabinet as night stand - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Most people own functional bedroom furniture, and there’s usually enough space for it in the average bedroom. However, not everyone has that luxury. If you need all the floor space you can get, invest in a floating nightstand.

Floating nightstands make use of wall space rather than floor space, and offer the illusion of extra space, even if you’re not gaining all that much. You can also enjoy a reasonably straightforward installation process and the freedom to set it at a height that works best for your needs, rather than a height predetermined by the bedroom furniture manufacturer. Photo: IKEA LIXHULT Cabinet

Install a Folding Desk Onto Your Wall

folding wall desk - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count In an ideal world, we’d all have a spare bedroom we could turn into a home office, but not everyone is that lucky. You might be living in a dorm room, a small home, or all bedrooms are taken up by family members.

In that case, turn your attention to folding desks. Folding desks can be mounted out of the way on a wall and pulled down when you need to use them. Many options for sale even come with included storage so that all your office goods have somewhere permanent to live.

When you no longer need to use your desk, you can fold it back up out of the way. It can be easier than you think to turn your bedroom into a home office. Photo: Wayfair/Wall-mounted Floating Desk

Mount Several Coat Racks in a Row

hoevolm rack with 6 knobs oak  1042233 pe841304 s5 - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Wall-mounted coat racks are excellent and cheap storage solutions that can be used for much more than just clothing. Hang baskets, jewelry, folding chairs, and anything else you need within easy reach. Photo: IKEA/HÖVOLM Rack

Create the Illusion of More Space With a Large Mirror

large ellipse mirror - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count You don’t necessarily see much space-saving furniture in many small bedroom designs. However, you might notice that interior designers use items that offer the illusion of space. Mirrors tick that box well.

Mirrors reflect plenty of natural light while also adding depth to trick you into thinking you have more space than you do. When you often feel like your walls are closing in, it can be helpful to lean a mirror against the wall or hang one on it.

If you’ve decided that a mirror is an excellent option for your small space, you’ll be amazed at just how many beautiful options there are to choose from. Photo: Urban Outfitters/Safi Floor Mirror

Create a Home Office Under a Loft Bed

loft bed - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Lofted beds take advantage of unused ceiling space while leaving the space free where your bed normally would be. Underneath the bed, which is now closer to the ceiling, you can create an office space for work and play.

Lofted beds are becoming popular solutions for adults and children alike, particularly those who need their bedrooms to serve more than one purpose. Photo: Wayfair/Loft Bed with Bookcase

Store Your Jewelry in an Over-The-Door Mirror That Doubles as an Armoire

over door armoire - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Most people don’t use their bedroom door to its full potential. But if you lack storage space, an over-the-door mirror is one of the best small bedroom ideas we can offer.

You can actually purchase over-the-door mirrors that function as a mirror, jewelry box, and accessory storage all in one product. It looks like a full-length mirror at first glance, but it opens to reveal storage space inside.

There are many different options available on the market to suit your home décor, and you’ll be amazed at how much clutter you can clear from your dresser when you make such an exciting purchase. Photo: Container Store/Over The Door Mirror & Jewelry Organizer

Hang Your Laundry Hamper on the Inside of a Closet Door

over door laundry hamper - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Laundry hampers are necessary for any home, especially when you need an active reminder to do the laundry. However, they’re not exactly the smallest bedroom additions.

When you don’t want to clutter up your floor with unnecessary furniture and items, buy a hanging laundry hamper. Most over-the-door hanging laundry bags and baskets come with a strong hook to hang over a bedroom or closet door.

You might hang it over your closet door when you want to keep it out of sight, then move it to your bedroom door when you’re nearing laundry day. Such a bedroom addition can be more convenient than you think. Photo: Wayfair/Over-The-Door Hanging Laundry Bag

Use the Closet Doors for Extra Storage

Over the door Shoe Rack - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count There’ll be no need to stuff every nook and cranny full of your prized pairs of shoes when you have an over-the-door shoe storage rack available. These racks make use of unused storage space on your doors and put it to good use. You can also install them on regular house doors and wardrobe doors for your convenience.

Rather than shoes gathering dust in cupboards, hallways, and at your entrance door, you can make sure every pair has its place. You now have an excellent excuse to add more shoes to your collection! Photo: Amazon/Whitmor 18-Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack

Use Pegboards for Flexible Storage

pegboard for bedroom - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Most people have small knick-knacks and trinkets that they adore but can never find a suitable space for. While looking for inspiration online, you might see one storage solution mentioned time and time again: peg boards.

While traditionally used in garages for tools, they can actually be used in your home for any number of small items you want to enjoy in plain sight. Whether you have small plants, jewelry, photos, keychains, or general home décor, you’re bound to find a beautiful pegboard to take pride of place on your wall. Photo: IKEA/SKÅDIS Pegboard

Stack Your Beds When You Don’t Use Them

stackable beds - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Not everyone has the luxury of a spare bedroom for guests to enjoy on their own. Sometimes, you have to turn your bedroom into an office, hobby room, and spare room, all in one. In that case, you can enjoy that ‘big room feel’ by purchasing a sofa bed with two beds you can stack on top of each other. You can then transform them into a double bed at night.

Sure, there’s a lot more labor in this space-spacing solution than many people would care to have, but it can be an ideal option for homeowners who need to use a room for multiple purposes. Photo: IKEA/UTÅKER Stackable bed

Opt for a Storage Bed

storage bed lift - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count If the time has come to invest in a new bed, consider one with storage for a small bedroom layout. Storage beds are designed to look and function like any ordinary bed, but they have hidden storage underneath for any clothing, blankets, pillows, and other bulky items you want to hide out of sight.

Such beds also come with hydraulic lifting mattresses to ensure it’s never a significant undertaking to access your stored items. You might even find that some come with built-in drawers, removing the need for you to have bulky furniture in a small guest room or your own bedroom. Photo: Amazon/ZINUS Finley Storage Bed

Add Extra Seating With Built-in Storage

storage ottoman - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Storage can be more than storage, in the same way a seat can be more than a seat. That’s where storage ottomans come in. Whether you lack storage or seating in a bedroom, living room, or even an office, you’re bound to find an ottoman to suit your needs.

Ottomans are available in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, to suit your unique needs. You can then fill them with blankets, cushions, and other bulky essentials and use the top as an additional seat for guests or family members.

The best part is, there’s no right or wrong place to put them. You might like one at the end of your bed to store your extra winter blankets, or even in the living room as a coffee table with space for lounge cushions and blankets underneath. Photo: Amazon/SONGMICS Storage Ottoman

Store Seasonal Clothing and Other Stuff You Don’t Regularly Use Under the Bed

under bed storage - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count We layer up in our bulkiest coats, scarves, and hats when winter arrives. But when summer comes, these items outstay their welcome in a small space. Consider purchasing under-bed storage bags or containers for seasonal clothing and items you don’t regularly use.

When you purchase sealed containers, you also don’t need to worry about dust, dirt, and general grime. You might also see the value in purchasing transparent containers on wheels that slide out easily and show off their contents without you needing to open them. Photo: Amazon/BLKDOTS Under bed Storage

Line Shelves up Over the Tops of the Windows

Use the dead space above your windows for storage 329x500 - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Bookcases can take up a lot of space, and as much as you’d like to have your prized books on display, that isn’t always possible in a small bedroom or tiny house. Fortunately, the ideal solution exists: shelving installed above your windows.

Basic shelves installed with brackets above your windows can frame them beautifully, hide unsightly wallpaper, and add exciting textures through the placement of your favorite books. While you might need a ladder to access the books you want to read, it’s a small price to pay for having them on display rather than stuffed in boxes in your closet.

You might even love the idea that much that you carry on the shelving the whole way around your room, rather than just above your windows. Photo: IKEA

Use a Clothes Rack as a Room Divider

use clothes bar as room divider - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Room dividers can be convenient for a number of reasons. They add definition when you use your bedroom for multiple activities, and they are also practical for families with children who want their own space and don’t necessarily like sharing their bedroom.

However, traditional room dividers are expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a conventional room divider. Instead, you can use a more affordable and unique clothing rack. Keep your room tidy by hanging up your clothes, but enjoy much-needed definition in your private space. It’s a win-win for everyone. Photo: IKEA/TURBO Clothes rack

Create More Closet Space by Storing Seasonal Clothing, Blankets, Pillows, and Bedding in Vacuum Storage Bags

vacuum storage bags 500x500 - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Seasonal clothing, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, and bedding, can be bulky. They take up a considerable amount of precious space, and that can be extremely frustrating when you have very little of it to begin with.

However, that can be a problem of the past if you purchase vacuum storage bags. Gather up your bulkiest soft goods, place them into clean vacuum bags, and remove all the air from them using a household vacuum cleaner. You’ll be amazed at just how small they become and how very little space they can take up under your bed and in your wardrobes.

What’s more, out of all space-saving solutions, vacuum bags would have to be one of the most cost-effective. Photo: The Container Store/Space Bag By Ziploc

Choose Closets With Sliding Doors When Space Is at a Premium

wardrobe closet sliding doors - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count It’s amazing how much wasted space we have in the average home simply because we can’t crowd outward-facing doors. When the time comes to invest in a new closet, consider one with a sliding door rather than a door that opens outward.

Such closet doors can even become a beautiful feature wall in the average bedroom because they can slide closed and form part of your wall. All that’s left to do is choose a pair of sliding doors you like, put a DIY closet together, and you’re on your way to a convenient storage solution. Photo: IKEA/HOKKSUND Pair of sliding doors

Turn an Unused Corner Into a Home Office

white Corner Desk - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count It’s easy to waste corner space in the average home because very few pieces of furniture are made to suit the area. However, you might be able to maximize your limited floor plan by purchasing a corner desk and setting up a small corner office nook.

A compact corner desk takes up minimal space in any living room, dining room, or bedroom, yet it can provide you with somewhere practical and convenient to spend your time working. All that’s left to do now is purchase a chair that tucks away neatly underneath, and you have a dedicated area for work and play. Photo: Overstock/Porch & Den Lincoln Corner Desk 

Mount Pockets on Your Bed

bed pockets used as storage - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Building pockets into your bed can be an ideal solution when you want to be highly organized with a clutter-free home. Not only can a decorative skirt with pockets be a charming addition to any bed, but it can also ensure that things you use every day are within easy reach and easy to find.

Children can store their toys in them, while adults might fill them with books and other daily essentials. While you might think you’d need to create something like this from scratch, they are actually available to purchase online. Photo: IKEA/MÖJLIGHET Bed pocket

Get Even More Space for Your Stuff With a Storage Headboard

brimnes headboard with storage compartment - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count A headboard with storage is generally designed to suit most bed types and can suit any home or studio apartment lacking storage. You can store your everyday essentials like phone chargers, books, and houseplants, or even use them for home décor to give your bedroom a much-needed facelift.

Storage headboards come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you have plenty of options to choose from when making your room look a certain way. Photo: IKEA/BRIMNES Headboard with storage compartment

Mount Rails in Your Window Alcove

clothes hanging on rails in a window alcove 32a1a8b699476674865e1dad95722c03 - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count If you don’t have endless amounts of wall space for shelves to house your artwork, trinkets, lamps, and plants, consider the value of rails in your window alcove. This space is typically wasted in the average home, but it doesn’t have to be if you flex your creative muscles.

Mounted ceiling rails can be practical for plants, accessories, jewelry, clothing, baskets, and much more. You might be surprised at how much clutter you can clear when you hang it tastefully from your living room or bedroom ceiling. Photo: IKEA/BOAXEL Clothes rail 

A Murphy Bed Offers Plenty of Room for Daytime Activities

murphy bed bedroom - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Murphy beds are becoming more common each year, especially as homeowners downsize into tiny homes and apartments. When you lack space or your bedroom serves more than one purpose, consider investing in a murphy bed.

During the day, you can use your room for general daytime activities, but you can quickly transform it into a bedroom at night. Some of the best murphy beds for sale are also just as comfortable as permanent beds, which is bound to offer much-needed peace of mind.

All that’s left to do is find one that matches your home décor, is easy to install, and takes mere seconds to pull down and store away. Photo: Lori Wall beds/Queen Vertical Bed

Mount a Coat Rack on Your Door

over door coat hooks - 35 Small Bedroom Ideas – Make Every Inch Count Doors are often overlooked in regard to storage but over-the-door coat racks are excellent space-savers that come in a range of styles to suit most preferences. Photo: Urban Outfitters/Over-the-door multi-hook

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