A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference

When artist Barry Allen Howard, along with his close friend, decided to build a caravan, they didn’t want it to be like any other. They wanted it to follow along similar lines to a teardrop, but they wanted it to have more character, detailing, and charm. And, while they would like it to pay tribute to a traditional gypsy caravan, they also preferred it to be more suitable for long-term stays and be more contemporary in its styling. So, they decided on a tiny gypsy caravan – like a little home but with so much more to offer.

20180527 143016 - A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference The entire vibrant and colorful caravan, inspired in part by the Romani Gypsy vardos, is set upon a 5 x 10-foot flatbed utility trailer. It features solid American hickory flooring, natural wood throughout, and intricate carvings in every area possible. It’s clear to see no stone was left unturned in the creation of this work of art on wheels.

20180527 143241 - A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference The galley countertop is the first thing that will capture your attention on the inside. It features vibrant hand-painted Mexican tiles and is a standout addition.

20180527 142448 - A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference The entire caravan features stained glasswork intricately put in place with the help of glue and ratchet straps.

20180511 085805 - A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference To keep the chill out of the air is the wood stove originating from Canada. It features beautiful brass trim, fits seven-inch logs, and comes complete with stove tools and a double-walled stove pipe. Once you’re set up in the warm gypsy caravan, you can then appreciate the glasswork, intricate detailing, and vibrant colors.

blogger image 932289217 - A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference The entire interior features wood, while the outside is painted for protection and style. On the inside, you can also benefit from freehand router carving, Dremel work, and even machinist files for the finishing touches.

20180527 143338 - A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference Sealing the seal is the beautiful lamps with stained glass to hang at the main door. These add to the gypsy charm of the caravan while contrasting beautifully against the purple exterior shade.

20180527 125831 - A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference The boldness and color continues with the main door showing off a Phoenix bird, Asian-style clouds, a dragon and an Arabian temple-shaped window. It doesn’t get more eclectic and exotic than that. Even the door jamb is set to impress with router carving throughout

20180527 143348 - A Gypsy Caravan With a Difference

Barry Allen Howard has also built a micro gypsy wagon that you can tow with your bike. You can see it here