Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces 

Every home, no matter how large or small, must have a bed. After all, where else are the occupants of that home going to sleep? The problem is, space constraints can see the need for creativity to make sure a bed is both comfortable and small enough to suit a conservative floorplan. And that’s where murphy beds and wall beds come in. Are small spaces holding you back? These ten excellent wall beds for small areas may be worth your inspection.

wall bed sofa desk - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Miraldi Longa – Wall Bed with Sofa, Desk & Shelving ($2,380.99). Save space and add a sense of style to your home with this wall bed from Miraldi. There’s more to this piece of furniture than meets the eye. Not only is it a bed, but it’s also a sofa and a desk. Just a few adjustments can see it useful throughout the day and night. It features laminated particleboard materials and suits mattresses up to eight inches thick. It’s also available in a contemporary style to suit many dorms, micro-apartments, and more. Learn more here.

wall bed - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Apeksha Murphy Bed ($1,069.99). What looks like a wall accent during the day quickly becomes a comfortable bed at night. This Apeksha murphy bed is full of surprises. It’s a simple design that secures to the studs in your wall with mounting brackets. While it’s nondescript during the day, you can fold it out at night with two support legs and a slatted mattress base. It also has a headboard and footboard, which are only visible when the bed is folded out. It’s easy to install and suits dorms, micro-apartments, and more. Learn more here.

wall bed medan - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Medan Murphy Bed ($1,899.99). Is your small home or apartment lacking storage and space? Let the Medan murphy bed come to the rescue. This unit functions as an open wardrobe with right-hand storage but also includes a fold-down bed. Once it’s folded into place, it just looks like any ordinary storage cupboard. It features commercial-grade particle board, built-in shelving, a flip-down bed on a dual-piston system, and a comfortable Euro slat mattress support system. It even comes with two LED lights for ambience. Learn more here.

wall bed budget 3 1 - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  The Lori Wall Bed ($1,099). You might have a small home and an even smaller budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford some exquisite furniture. The Lori wall bed is ideal for anyone in a small home who wants to ensure guests will always have somewhere to stay. It functions as a real wood shelving unit with cabinet-grade Baltic birch ply. At night, you can fold it down to reveal a queen bed. The legs of the bed are what would have been the shelves on your wall unit. Learn more here. UPDATE: Lori Wall Beds are now offering a $100 discount to Living in a Shoebox readers for a limited time only. Use the promo code Livinginashoebox when checking out.

wall bed sofa migliore - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Murphy Sofa: Migliore Sectional Wall Bed Sofa ($7,995.00 – $8,495.00). With a conservative floorplan, you may not think you can ever welcome guests to stay at your home. This murphy sofa from Migliore is saying otherwise. By day, it’s a sectional sofa of timeless European fashion in tan brown leather or navy blue velvet microfiber. Though, by night, it’s a comfortable queen-size bed with a storage cupboard. You can also choose to purchase open shelving or a closed cupboard, and you can pair this sofa with a USA/Canada-sized mattress of your choosing. Learn more here.

wall bunk beds otis - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  OTIS Wall Bunk Bed ($4,818.99). If you’ve often struggled with a lack of play space for your kids, then this OTIS wall bunk bed might be able to help. It can comfortably cater for two sleeping children at night but folds away during the day to allow for more play space in a bedroom. It’s made in Europe with laminated chipboard and a mechanism to stop kids from accidentally opening it. It also comes with two mattresses, a sleek white color scheme, and a ladder to access both beds. Learn more here.

white wall bed - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Malus Folding Rollaway Bed with Storage Cabinet and Memory Foam ($456.99). Storage and sleeping space can both be problematic in small spaces. However, this folding rollaway bed from Malus solves both of those problems. It’s not only a bed but a storage cabinet, too. It comes with a composite wood storage cabinet, a wood slat foundation system, and four caster wheels for effortless mobility. It also has a luxurious memory foam mattress of generous dimensions. The icing on the cake is that this bed sets up in just seconds, making it the perfect option for those unexpected guests to your home. Learn more here.

wall bed dining table 1 - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Hot Cinnamon Tess Murphy Bed ($3,499.99). The perfect solution for working from home! The Murphy Bed instantly transforms from a desk to a bed so even the most compact room can be both a comfortable workspace during the day and a peaceful, uncluttered bedroom at night. The table/desk is a large surface for comfortable remote work and also seats up to 4 people using normal dining chairs. Learn more here  

cabinet bed - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Audet Queen Storage Murphy Bed with Mattress ($1,399.99). Just because you have a small home doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. Enjoy a stunning solid rubberwood bed from Audet, but one that comes with a foldaway design and storage. Is that even possible? When it’s folded up, it looks like a stunning set of drawers in the sleeping area of your home. You can then open the doors to reveal a fold-down bed with a memory foam mattress. The queen-size bed is comfortable for homeowners and visitors, and it provides ample storage. Learn more here.

murphy bed - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Copper Grove Ensomned 2-Piece Wall Bed and Sofa Set ($2,369.99). Whether you’ve got a home office, loft apartment, or a small space, this wall bed and sofa set from Copper Grove can’t help but impress. It’s a luxurious two-seater sofa that can accommodate a full mattress up to 12 inches thick and of full or queen sizing. During the day, it functions as an everyday sofa. However, once night falls, you can remove the cushions and fold out the bed to a generously-sized sleeping surface. Learn more here.

wall bed with desk - Ten Brilliant Wall Beds for Small Spaces  Elara Longa Comfort with Desk & Shelf ($2,127.99). Dorm rooms and micro-apartments don’t tend to offer a lot of functional space. However, this Elara Longa murphy bed doesn’t need a lot to provide you with a whole lot of convenience. During the day, it functions as a work station with a desk area and storage. However, once you’ve finished your work for the day, you can fold it down to reveal a generous-sized bed. It’s easy to assemble and available in various bed sizes to suit your needs. Learn more here.

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