This studio apartment makes a bold statement with strong colours and geometric patterns

This boldly decorated home makes a statement with jewelled peacock tones and a touch of mid-century modern flare. Believe it or not, this beautiful space decorated by Russian design company Zukkini measures a tiny 312 ft2 or 29 m2. Who says tiny living has to be boring?

small-russian-apartment-1An eclectic mix of lighting and geometric patterns gives this living space a distinctly art deco feel. Black and white shelving make for sneakily decorative storage solutions, something that is especially precious in a small space.

small-russian-apartment-2The art of making a small space functional relies a lot on using multipurpose furniture or creating multipurpose areas. This room can seamlessly change according to the occupant’s needs, from entertaining guests to working, or dining with friends.

small-russian-apartment-3Decorating a small space means having to consider that your entire apartment may be visible from anywhere in your home. In this case, the kitchen is visible from the living area, and this design effectively makes both areas cohesive in terms of colour schemes, texture, and lighting.

small-russian-apartment-4This space also effectively combines the style of the kitchen, living area, and dining space to make an eclectic design that borrows from mid-century modern and contemporary style choices. The result is a visually stunning design.

small-russian-apartment-5This kitchen contains ample closed storage, and the fixtures and cabinetry make great use of horizontal lines, which trick the eye and elongate the room. Pot lights in the kitchen ceiling also effectively brighten up this space that does not have access to a lot of natural light.

small-russian-apartment-6This beautiful, light coloured wooden countertop allows for a space that is large enough to provide an area for dining when necessary, but also provides extra counter space for preparing meals.

small-russian-apartment-7A well-designed entry way in an apartment can prevent a small space from seeming cramped or cluttered. This entry way makes use of both open and closed storage which keeps the area looking neat and clean. The placement of the mirror is both functional and makes the area look bigger.

small-russian-apartment-8While a general room of thumb is to use light colours for walls in a small space, this room uses a deep and dramatic colour scheme while simultaneously using sharp horizontal lines to trick the eye, and make the room feel bigger.

small-russian-apartment-9Stacking the sink on top of the washer is an innovative way to save space in this small bathroom. The design of the shower doors also makes the room feel much bigger than it really is.