20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   

Many people find having a small home frustrating because there’s just not enough space for furniture and possessions. While it’s true that small floorplans can pose some challenges, there are ways to get around it. You simply have to think smart with your furniture choices. Here are 20 multifunctional pieces that could be deserving of space in your house.

Bookcase with a fold-down table    shelving fold down table 1 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   

If you need extra space in your kitchen, office, living room, or even a bedroom, invest in shelving with a fold-out table. Such a product gives you plenty of room for books and knick-knacks but also has a feature that lets you use it as a workspace and dining table. Photo: IKEA/Ivar 

Under-bed storage that doubles as bedside table

fredvang underbed storage bedside table white  0962756 pe808964 s5 1 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   If all you’ve got under your bed is dust bunnies, it’s time to make use of that space. Invest in rolling storage bins that are designed to fit snuggly under the bed. A rolling storage bin can work both as a bedside table and as practical storage. Just roll it out at bedtime – and roll it back under the bed in the morning to save floor space. Photo: IKEA/Fredvang underbed storage 

From side table to dining table

dining table 47 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   The frustrating thing about a small home is the lack of space for work and play. You can have one or the other, but often not both. Therefore, buying a convertible table could be worth your while. They can function as a desk for work, then turn into a convenient side table or dining table for entertainment with ease. Photo: KOTPOP/Extendable dining table 

Convertible sleeper chair

sleeper chair 15 2 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   Whether you like day naps or need an extra guest bed in a cramped home, consider a sleeper chair. During the day, they can be comfortable armchairs for TV-watching. At night, they can recline out to form a bed. Those unexpected guests are now well catered for. Photo: Esright/Convertible chair bed 

Floating desk with shelving

DianieFloatingDesk - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   If you’re in a small home, tiny home, or dorm room, a floating desk with shelving can be an ideal space-saving solution. It functions as a convenient form of storage but can also be a workstation – with plenty of room for a computer or note pad. Photo: Latitude Run®/Dianie Floating Desk

Side table with storage and cable management

91QzI4GujL. AC SL1500  - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   How many side tables can you think of that consider our needs for electronics? It might be time to start purchasing furniture with cable management systems to tuck cords away safely while you charge your devices. Photo: Umbra/side table 

Triple duty sleeper sofa

blue sleeper 1 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   Not everyone has enough room for a guest bed, which limits how many people you can entertain. Fortunately, if you buy a sleeper sofa, you’ve got more room for guests than ever before. Such couches can be quickly transformed into a comfortable bed. Some even have coffee table ottomans that form part of the bed. Photo: Jaxx/Convertible sleeper

Mirror with shelving and hooks

Cubiko Organizer Black VEN3 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   As you’re heading out the door, it’s only natural to look at yourself in the mirror one more time to make sure there’s no spinach in your teeth. Rather than traipsing back to the bathroom, consider investing in a shelving unit with hooks and a mirror. Here, you can grab your keys and coat as you walk out the door while also giving yourself one more glance in the mirror before you leave. Photo: Umbra/Wall organizer 

Staircase with built-in shelving

girl tiny house 13 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   One of the most popular forms of storage in loft apartments and tiny homes is staircase storage. However, any homes with stairs can see the value in them. Each stair can be a pullout drawer to give you more room for your possessions. Photo: Girlinatinyhouse

Stackable beds

ikea bed 2 1 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   There is nothing wrong with having an ordinary bed that does one thing and one thing only. Although, what if it could do and be so much more? Stackable beds can be a corner sofa, a day bed, twin beds, and a double bed. Customize the layout to suit the occasion without having to buy more than one product. Photo: IKEA/UTÅKER stackable beds 

Murphy bed with integrated table

wall bed dining table 1 1 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   If your home is too small to fit a bed, dining table, and workstation, then invest in something that can be all three. You can purchase a murphy bed that folds up to produce a dining table for four or a desk for one. At night, you can then make a few quick changes and enjoy somewhere comfortable to sleep. Photo: InovaHome/Tess murphy bed 

Floor lamp with table attached

71aysczlSzL. AC SL1001  - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   Having a lamp in your living room can be helpful for targeted lighting while reading or for ambiance. However, not everyone has space for a side table and lamp. So, why not buy something that has both? You can now purchase side tables that come with a built-in light. They take up minimal space yet function as two items. Photo: Hsyile/Floor lamp with table 

Sliding wall with built-in table

sliding wall table - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   Small homes call for genius solutions. If you don’t have space for a full-time dining area, then create one that pulls out and tucks away again. You may be surprised at what you can build into the average apartment or tiny home wall. Photo: Jack Chen

Loft bed with integrated storage and desk

smastad loft bed white white with desk with 4 drawers  0966734 PE809914 S5 1 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   If the kids are complaining about feeling cramped and crowded in their bedroom, make some changes. A loft bed could be the answer. Such a bed has a storage and desk area on the bottom and a bed on the top. It’s an ideal solution for a child’s small bedroom. Photo: IKEA/Småstad Loft bed 

A console that converts into a large dining table

extendable dining table 1 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   Having guests over at the last minute can be a nice surprise, but it can also be stressful if you don’t have anywhere to feed them. Purchase a console table that sits nicely by a wall but turns into an expansive dining table for six. Those unexpected guests will then always be welcome. Photo: Casabianca/Console dining table 

 Window sill doubles as dining nook

table  - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   If you only have a small floorplan to work with, put your windowsill to good use. An extendable sill can double as a breakfast bar, while the bench to sit at it can double as your living room coffee table. It doesn’t get much more multifunctional than that. Photo: Fieldwork Design & Architecture

From kitchen counter to breakfast bar

tiny house tay 2 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s where people love to socialize as they prepare meals. Make your kitchen as user-friendly as possible for this task by allowing your kitchen counter to double as a breakfast bar. With the addition of a couple of stools, it can be transformed from a prep station to a dining area. Photo: Tay & Mckay 

Storage ottoman with built-in trays

coffee table 17 - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   Storage ottomans are convenient enough, but their soft top means they aren’t that suitable for sitting beverages on. However, if you choose one with built-in trays, they can be. All of a sudden, they gain an extra function. Photo: Strick and Bolton/Storage ottoman

A double rod that holds your shower curtain and your towel

7222AdjustableCurvedTensionShowerCurtainRod - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   If you have nowhere to store your towels once you’re finished with them in the bathroom – why not just leave them there? You can install a double shower curtain rod that holds not only the shower curtain but also your towel. Leave it there to dry, and you don’t have to reach far for your next shower. Photo: Zenna Home/Double Shower rod  

A lift-top coffee table that does double duty as dining table

coffee dining table - 20 multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces   If space is limited, consider purchasing a lift-top coffee table. You can use it as a coffee table when you’re on your own, then lift the top to turn it into a dining table when you have guests. No one has to know that you don’t have a dining table full-time. Photo: YumanMod/Lift-top coffee table 

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